Interview with pet players

As you may know, my expertise and passion is Pup Play but there exists a whole menagerie of animal role-players who take on the key characteristics of different creatures. And who better to tell us about it than the people who take part in them. So I reached out to pet players from around the world to help explain their animal and what they get out of it.

Cat Play


I’m a domestic cat which means that I tend to be more of an indoor cat. Playing with toys, roaming around, relaxing on the furniture, on the human, sleeping, eating, play with pups.

What gear I wear depends on the situation and who I am playing with or what I feel like wearing. I go from a Lycra catsuit, to rubber surf suit via jock or lingerie and more. I have been interested in pups but I never felt I was one of them. This was confirmed when I had the courage to visit a pup and handler for a weekend of frolics. It felt natural I had to be a cat. I started meowing when around the pups. It also attracted me because it is different from pup play and it has become my “brand”.

My headspace during play varies from the lazy cat to full cat. My headspace depends of whether I am in a more dominant or submissive mood (being a switch) and who I play with and if the situation is social or sexual. I have had one good sexual time with a Dom where I was nearly into full headspace. I would say that anyone who wants to get into Cat Play or any other play needs to follow their inner animal. On a social side, visit their local pup event if there is one as these cater for more than just pups. You can find kitties and ponies. Due to the low availability on cat play gear, it is not essential to have any and depends on each of us. However, pup gear can be adapted to cat play (except for the tail). On the sexual side, it is a bit different but we are welcome to the fetish events.

Pony Play


As a Brabant draft horse, I am a work animal, with an even temperament and a loyal disposition. I enjoy pulling carts and sleds. I am calm and affectionate towards my handler, but can get in to trouble if left on my own. I’m a work pony, but there are many types of Pony Play. Some Ponies enjoy putting on a performance; these are jumpers, dressage and show Ponies. There are Ponies who don’t want to be told what to do, such as wild Ponies. It is not uncommon for Ponies to embody a combination of pony types and traits! I wear a tail, a pulling harness, hand-hooves, and a Pony hood. My footwear of choice are leather tankers boots. I will typically have a bit in my mouth, with reins or a lead rope attached. Underneath my harness, I will often wear a lycra or nylon shirt and shorts.I remember seeing a Pony Play picture and thinking “I want to be that”, before I even really knew what “that” was. I think one of my favorite things about Pony Play is that it has a lot in common with more traditional D/s play/dynamics, but with the added benefit of “the Pony gets all the attention”.

During pony play, I will go non-verbal very quickly, and I tend to ‘zone out’ after a few minutes. My body language becomes more equine-like, with torso shakes, head tosses, and plenty of whinnies and nickering. It is a comfortable place to be, and I relish the attention I receive for a job well done.

I strongly believe that Pony Play is inclusive, and it is for everybody; there is no wrong way to be a Pony. You can be a Pony with thousands of dollars worth of leather, you can be a Pony with $10 worth of rope, you can be a Pony with no equipment at all! All it takes is a Pony heart. I have been a Leather Pony for over 24 years, and currently serve as the North American Pony 2020 title holder.

Fox Play


When pup play began it’s big boom of popularity I thought it would be perfect for me, but soon after attending a couple events and spending way too much on hoods and tails I found it wasn’t really for me, I didn’t enjoy the piling on top of each other, the barking and playing fetch. So I found a canid that was more my style, the Fox. Not only are they already my favourite animal but I’ve always related to a lot of their traits. Foxes are inherently wild, and while tamable you won’t find us simply giving in to a firm tone of voice. We’re more solitary than a pup pack, stronger willed and even a little rougher when it comes to a roll around in the sack. We’ll be loud, we’ll bite, scratch and occasionally fight you for dominance, we like attention to be more on our terms and we’ll let you know quick if we’re not enjoying something. We love a snuggle and petting never goes a miss (the heavier the better) but if you want something be prepared to find something to bribe us with. When I started my Fox play there was barely any gear around so I made my own hood, had custom rubber made and bought a clip belted tail from Amazon. Nowadays there are hoods and a wider range of plug tails but like all forms of pet play the only thing that’s really required is for you to enjoy yourself, let your playful side out and don’t roll over just because your handler offers you a bone.  

Dragon Play


So, I do most of my pet play as a dragon cos… why not? Originally a furry with a dragon fursona, I came across petplay of a few forms and ended up adapting my fursona into a petplay personality. I may not have realised it at the time but it suits me perfectly for so many reasons. Personally I play mostly similar to a pup, I’m extremely affectionate and snuggly and nuzzle a lot, though the claws aren’t great for the furniture so I’m often relegated to the floor. I have to be trained to obey with treats and the occasional tap on the nose, and sometimes more intense punishments and rewards, fierce creatures need constant work to keep in line! Once tame though I’m extremely protective and often curl up around those I care about to keep them safe and warm. We’re soon to start training so that I can be ridden and shown like a pony, because I mean who wouldn’t want to ride their pet dragon? I also hoard gear but I didn’t need to be a dragon to do that.

In terms of gear, personally I’m into rubber so I usually wear a catsuit, harness, neoprene dragon hood, and a collar of course. I sometimes wear claw gloves for the aesthetic or sensation play, other times my owner puts mitts on me to keep me under more control. I sometimes add a pup tail too, though I’m looking at getting a long inflatable tail for more dragony-ness. Obviously no gear is necessary to play as a dragon, you simply need to act as the dragon you want to be. You can look to other forms of pet play for inspiration or just wing it and do as your idea of a dragon would do.


Written by Rob Wilde

Rob Wilde, a.k.a Pup Piglet, holds the title of Mr Puppy UK 2017. Host, model and adult entertainer - Rob is one of the UK's key figures and ambassador for Pup-Play and kink culture.

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