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While the world is slowly starting to breathe again, so are fetish gatherings. In Italy, the International Sneaker & Foot weekend is planned to take place in November. Alphatribe talked to Oreste, the organiser and man behind SneakerSexItaly.

Oreste, what is SneakerSexItaly?

SneakerSexItaly is a Sneaker and Foot Fetish club I founded on Gayromeo in September 2006. Initially I created it for personal needs, in order to have a Fetish Party in Italy, and particularly in Milano, where i started my monthly party called Sniff My Sneax.


Who is behind it and what activities are organised?

I do this all by myself. I started on September 2006 this monthly party in Milano called Sniff My Sneax about Sneaker and Foot Fetish and all other practices related to them, like trampling for example. Over the years I have organised the same event in other Italian cities and sometimes even in other countries. In May 2009, due to the success of the monthly party that was beginning to attract people from abroad, I decided to try to create an International event and so the European Sneaker and Foot weekend was born.

At first even some of my friends were skeptical about it, but to my surprise the European party has been a huge success since its first edition. An International crowd really into Feet and Sneakers began to attend and most of them are now regulars that visit Milano for every European Party.

In November the International Sneaker & Foot Weekend takes place. What can visitors expect?

As I told you before many participants are now regulars returning to the Party. First timers will find a Real Sneaker and Foot Fetish weekend revolving around all practices connected to these fetishes. I personally oversee the preparations in the clubs in order to have the best environment where to perform our fantasies. But the party is not only about Fetish and Sex, Many friendships bloomed over the years between many people from different countries sharing the same passion.

The past few months have been challenging, not the least in Italy. How did the situation affect your program?

I had to stop all Parties since after the last one on January 2020 because we were the first European Country to be affected by Covid 19. I canceled the one in February hoping, alongside the owners of Hot Dog Club where the party takes place, that it would be a temporary stop but it took 4 months before we started to go back to a ‘new normality’.

We had to cancel all the monthly parties and the International Spring Edition in May, now moved to the Autumn Edition, in November.

Now I am restarting organising a “Social” version of the Sniff My Sneax Party, mostly to support our local gay scene deeply affected by the lock down, and to give us a chance to socialise after all these months of isolation.

Are there any special measures to be expected in November?

If you mean which Safety Measures will be in place I honestly don’t know yet cause the situation is constantly changing and at the moment I can’t even say if the party in July will still be a social or a regular one. But the situation seems to be improving so I’m confident that the International weekend in November will take place as usual.

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Written by Jeroen Van Lievenoogen

Jeroen is publisher of Alphatribe magazine

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