International Puppy Games Italy

What does a sport maniac pup do in August? No, I’m not talking about those, who are siting in front of the TV with their drinks and snacks and watching the male gymnastic team or the wrestling team perform on the Olympics. I’m talking about those, who need a real challenge for those lazy summer months and want to have some active fun. They go to the International Puppy Games to Italy.

Puppy Play France and the Spanish Leather and Fetish Community alongside with TSGH and BLF are partner-clubs since 2019, so it was time for us to support our Italian brothers. I travelled to this event with no clue what to expect during my time in Marina di Torre del Lago, but I was excited to meet old friends and create new ones and learn more about the international puppy community. 

Picture by Janos Martenyi

For those who don’t know the place, Marina di Torre del Lago is since more than 20 years a gay tourist paradise in Tuscany, Italy.  The place 20km drive from Pisa is bathed both by the coastal lake Massaciuccoli and by the sea. In the most flourishing periods it attracts over thirty thousand people a night, thanks to gay clubs and themed events. So even when you do nothing more during the 3 days of the games you have a perfect short holidays. 

But The Italian Puppy made it sure that you don’t have your typical gay holiday. The group organized the 3rd edition of the Puppy Games which included international guests for the 2 time. 

Toffee (president), Zaush (vice-president), Sirius (Sekretary) and Sketsch (treasury) planed the event for months creating a fun weekend for everyone. 

But what are the Puppy Games?

If you are from the old generation, you can still remember to the televised games from the 90s called “Jeux sans frontiers” (It’s a knockout), where the groups of different nations were competing in different sport and quiz challenges to win a trophy. 

In the Puppy Games we don’t have groups, but we have individuals, who are competing for valuable prizes. And after mastering the intelligence and sportive challenges pup Vega win a stay with all parties and official meals including, during the “Puppyitalia” 2021 in Milan. The first 3 pup (Vega Wolfic, Zeep) win further prices of wruffstuff, zaushdesign and  

Picture by Janos Martenyi

But what made this event so special? 

For me was definitely the part that we all stayed in the same camping. I travelled with my husband and with a Spanish Pup, and we were put together with another Spanish pup in our bungalow.  The randomly put together groups leaded to new friendships, to new love stories and to uncountable new anecdotes and stories to tell. 

It was an event created with heart, created to a young community, that needs this kind of events to get to know each other, to get out of anxiety, to see that it makes sense learning foreign languages. 

For those, who want to experience The International Puppy Games as a participant or as a viewer, it is coming to Darklands with a special edition in 2022.  


Written by Janos Martenyi

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