by Brian Goss Internationally renowned as one of the best head givers on the planet. Do you think you’re great? Many guys do. Many guys are wrong. How many times have I heard somebody say they’re the best cocksucker in the world and then been able to see just with the naked eye how bad they are? Years ago, in Paris I had a flight attendant brag that he “brought tears to the eyes” of a friend. I took the bait. I left his hotel room with dry eyes. (Did I even cum? I don’t remember. Yawn. Anyway…). A lot of guys brag about their skills but in reality, there are few great cocksuckers out there.

Here is some guidance on how you can be one of them.

In order to be a great cocksucker you have to LOVE sucking dick and you have to want to be great. You cannot like it the way most gays do or just do it because you have to before something else (fucking) and expect to be great. You have to LOVE it and you have to love it because it takes effort and energy to do it right. It takes use of your entire body. It’s not easy and it doesn’t lead to results quickly. You have to have a lot of stamina. If you get tired after 40 seconds like most guys do you will not give a good blow job. Giving great blowjobs demands more energy than any other sex act. It’s an act of love to be great. If the love is not there the vigour and skill won’t be.

2. ASK.
It’s amazing how much sex some guys can have without giving or getting any feedback–ever. They assume they are a sex machine simply because they hook up 4 times per week (or day) on Grindr. But if you never get feedback at sex you will never get better no matter how much sex you have. When it comes to blow jobs this means ASKING BEFOREHAND. Admittedly this is not really possible to do when you’re on your knees in the dark corner of a bar taking all offers but everywhere else it’s easily possible to ask how a guy likes it before you suck his dick. Everyone is different! Some guys want no hands while you’re sucking, others prefer hands (the lazy way out in my opinion but if that’s how a guy prefers it you do it). Some guys like it deep, some like it shallow, some like it slow, others fast. If you never realized this before it’s because you never fucking asked. When you ask you will find out that most guys are very, very specific in what they like and you can’t give them a great blowjob if you’re not doing it the way they like best no matter how long you think your tongue is.

If you really want to be a truly great cocksucker buy a cocksucker hood, a hood with only an opening for the mouth. I prefer cloth. It will transform you. Once in San Francisco during Folsom Street Fair I blew a young Latin guy in his car. Shortly after starting the blowjob without a hood I put on my cocksucker hood. Afterwards he told me THE BLOWJOB CHANGED after I put on the hood. He said I was more vigorous. My mind became cantered entirely around my mouth when I put on the hood. I couldn’t see anything and almost couldn’t hear anything. I became (and become) a mindless cocksucker–the road to greatness. (Incidentally, touching yourself while you’re doing it is also a distraction and should only be attempted by the highly qualified.) Once you put on a hood your mouth will feel every contour of his dick and every sensation of movement in his body. You will be attached to him through your mouth. You will carry out his instructions which you have asked for beforehand (right?) like you couldn’t before.

A blowjob should start off slow. Get his cock wet with your spit by licking up and down the shaft and putting it in your mouth–briefly–and get your mouth rewetted after doing this. Don’t try to suck it with a dry mouth. Savour it. You’re about to enjoy the great privilege of being a cocksucker. Once everything is wet you can start sucking–slowly. You need to warm up your mouth and body (and throat, if necessary). Put in only the head, pull back, then go in successively deeper until finally you’ve swallowed all of it (if you can). He will probably moan for the first time once you do this because he finally gets the full satisfaction of being swallowed completely. This warm up should last about 30 seconds or a minute. Ease him in and build his anticipation! After you’ve warmed yourself up this way you can move on to the blowjob full speed ahead. What you do at this point will vary according to his wishes. Do not spend time on the balls if he hasn’t said he likes it. Many guys don’t. Do spend time edging him. I’ve never met a man that doesn’t want that in a blow job. Work his cock hard with your mouth until he starts to squirm and then back off. Let him cool down a little by licking slowly…

If his dick is big enough to need your throat, you need to warm it up, which is harder than warming up your mouth. Learning to get a big dick down your throat takes practice and dedication. Go in only a little at a time. Relax and feel it pushing your throat open (feels good, doesn’t it?). Hung guys are usually patient in getting their way in and will often grab your head at this point and gently force their way inside. Relax completely and let them. You will gag if you’re inexperienced. But don’t be psyched out by gagging. Give yourself a few seconds to recover and go right back at it. You will not be able to breathe when it’s all the way in. Train yourself for this and don’t get scared by it. You won’t last more than a few seconds this way but just gently push him back, recover and go in again. Trust me, he will love it. If you’re a great cocksucker and can let your throat be opened up this way this is another point where the guy will let out a moan. He feels his dick in your throat as your throat tightens around it. Hung guys love this in my experience because they don’t get it enough and usually respond by becoming more aggressive. Sometimes they almost seem to lose control with excitement because they know they have a great cocksucker for once. At this point they will probably start pumping your mouth faster. Straighten your body and relax your whole neck and mouth and let them fuck it. Your head is a sex toy or an ass for him to pump now. You’ll probably gag at times but just relax and recover quickly and take it all the way in again. Sometimes they will respond the opposite of aggressive, by pushing their dick all the way in to your throat and holding it there, feeling the tightness of your throat as it closes on their dick. Relax and let them enjoy.

These are, of course, just the basics. It takes time to be great at anything and lots of practice. Good thing you enjoy your work! Remember first and foremost that you need to commit. Throw yourself into it entirely. Get on all fours and rock your body back and forth when other muscles get tired. Dedication is the road to greatness. Do it today. The world needs more great cocksuckers! I can’t do it all (though I wish I could).


Written by Brian Goss

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