Hollywood’s hottest star with a healthy interest in gay fetish and BDSM we look at the track record of the man behind the movie ‘Interior Leather Bar’ & social media that would get you arrested in many countries. 

The star of mega movies such as Spiderman, Alien Covenant, Oz The Great & Powerful, Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes & of course 127 hours is either the gayest actor ever or the best friend to the LGBT community we have ever had. There has been speculation forever about his sexuality which is constantly fed by James’s constant stoking & probing of the gay world and the more the media query it the more ammunition he gives us. For the record the superbly hunky James has had relationships with women most recently with actress Ahna O’Reilly which finished 7 years ago, he is one of the targets of the MeToo campaign with 6 women complaining against him including a 17 year old, he is now 40yo and is single. So which side does he bat for if it matters greatly although Hollywood is home of the gay closet even more so than football. With 84% of men having some gay experiences in their life a percentage which is much higher in the more masculine worlds of the military, police, prison, rugby, american football etc we only hope that the greatest friend to us kink meisters has had his share of man ass in his time.

So here are some of his gayest moments. at the very least he is wholly fascinated by the gay world and the sleazier fetish side in particular.

1 His most famous quotes are ‘I’m gay i just don’t have sex with men’ ‘”In the twenties and thirties, they used to define homosexuality by how you acted and not by whom you slept with. Sailors would fuck guys all the time, but as long as they behaved in masculine ways, they weren’t considered gay.” He adds, “Well, I like to think that I’m gay in my art and straight in my life.”

2 In his movie The Broken Tower he is clearly seen sucking a cock which he claims was a fake latex dildo…..judge for yourselves

3 He released a book on gay themes titled straight james/gay james

4 He went on Spring Break and got married to Edward Norton.

5 In one of his movies he gave an extended blowjob to a shotgun and then announced that is how he found out he had no gag reflex…….that hardly applies to cunnilingus of course.

6 In the Oscar winning Milk he played the gay character Scott Smith who was Harvey Milk’s boyfriend.  

7 He produced and directed the infamous ‘Interior Leather Bar’ movie in 2013 which concentrated on the lost 40 minutes of leather sex from the mainstream cinema 1970’s movie ‘Cruising’ which starred Al Pacino. In it he is in a seedy gay leather bar drenched in sweat being fondled by masculine men in harnesses (a number of which we know here at AT and they are sure not straight), 2 foot away from full on hardcore manass penetration – Tom Hanks never went anything like that far in Philadelphia.

8 He conducted a interview between his straight and gay selves and he called himself ‘a cock tease’.

9 He made  ‘I Am Michael’ the true story of gay activist Michael Glatze

10 In his movie Howl he played yet another gay character  the famous counter culture poet Allen Ginsberg a movie that focused on the case against the his poem of the same name which celebrated gay sex at a time in the 50’s of course when was sodomy was illegal & resulted in inprisonment. 

11 He posts pics on instagram of him canoodling with another man and also posts other pictures of him and regular cohort Seth Rogan in various gay poses such as the Lennon & Yoko famous naked hug and topless behind each other on a motorbike. He went on the cover of Candy magazine as a trans drag queen – the first ever.

12 He made out with himself as performance art saying the fantasy Franco was such a great kisser and the real Franco swapped spit with him.

13 Yet another gay themed movie with the legendary ‘King Cobra’ alongside Christian Slater the story of the gay porn studio Cobra and a infamous murder built around the life story of the most well known gay porn star of all time Brent Corrigan. James Franco has been in more gay films than Rocco Steele and Logan Moore put together.

14 He convinced his movie star brother David Franco to have gay sex with himself on screen in ‘funny or die’

15 He has the record number of pics on the celebrity nude website of gay images celebrity.comwith 116 pics


16 He posted the incredible ‘Batmilk’ pictures on instagram and facebook showing himself in the Batman cowl with leather harness and famous Bat logo with man spunk (probably Robin’s) dripping all over his mask and face.

17 He made the documentary ‘Kink’ which is all about the extreme gay BDSM studio often featured in this magazine famous for their 30 minutes of torment, bondage, naked wrestling with fucking for the winner and fuck machine movies. Filmed in the legendary porn castle in San Francisco featuring the biggest names of gay porn including megastar and great friend of Alphatribe & former performer of the year for the second  & third most expensive porn films of all time To The Last Man & Grunts the one and only Ricky Sinz.  

If still not sure check out the full frontal video of him online playing basketball where he is likely to take someones eye out with the sporty Franco knob whist leaping for the hoop.

James is an award winning actor who is probably the happiest guy in his own skin ever, he is something of a trailblazer and boy does he love us gay men, our stories, our history and what we get up too – we love the man and the credibility he brings to our gay world as he merrily goes around cultivating questions about his sexuality lie an early 1970’s David Bowie.       


Written by Paul Stag

Paul is an international porn star and a long time editor for Alphatribe magazine.


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