Those with HIV and on PrEP will be well up on protecting their immune system – anyone with HIV not on PrEP or similar needs to stop being a mug and get it sorted NOW. Covid 19 is a deadly virus and the Worldwide death toll is well known but we now have a number of incredible vaccines produced in record time which are safe, thoroughly tested under the greatest spotlight and microscope ever and they are the best way out of the pandemic and then we can all get our clubs, bars, events, retail outlets, saunas, social lives and most of all our hot as hell perverted fetish sex lives back. Every Country has their published patient vaccination order based around those most vulnerable and roughly it is the eldest first together with those with key jobs like health workers then moving down through the years to teenagers and children which may never be vaccinated or certainly anytime soon as their risk of the serious problems from Covid are much much lower. 

What about those with HIV? Which basically means they have reduced immune systems backed up nowadays by PrEP enabling Poz guys to live full and extended lives happily into their 90’s or hundreds without converting to full blown AIDS. Poz guys are ‘undetectable’ and as the U=U campaign proves they are the safest fucks on the planet if practicing bareback as they actually know their status’s and cannot pass HIV on whereas Neg guys depending on their last test date may unknowingly be Poz and toxic without being aware and a much riskier shag potentially…..HIV discrimination should have stopped fully a decade ago at least. PrEP does not of course stop you from transferring or catching other less aggressive/’minor’ STD’s if fucking or fisting raw. If you contract Covid it is very simply your immune systems job to fight it and keep it as (1) unnoticeable, (2) a little cold, (3) similar to the flu or (4) a trip to the hospital so your systems fighting ability is a factor with this pandemic . To get some basic information on any additional risks to those with HIV from Covid (incredibly minor) and how this effects Poz guys in the queue or line for vaccinations we spoke to one of the most well-known HIV experts & campaigners Matthew Hodgson who is an openly HIV healthy and fit as fuck gay man. Matthew is the Executive Director of the NAM Aidsmap who are leaders in sharing information about HIV and AIDS to gay men. He is UK based and somethings may differ with the vaccine roll out for other Countries but the principles should be the same. NAM Aidsmap is a charity so if you care to donate please go to their website.

Matthew advised ‘Although there is little evidence that people living with HIV are more likely to acquire COVID, there may be a slightly increased risk of dying from COVID-19. Data suggests that people who are not virally suppressed or who have a lower CD4 count are more likely to be hospitalized with COVID than those whose immune system remains robust. Data from the US suggests that a CD4 count below 200 triples the likelihood of hospital admission compared to people with HIV who have a CD4 count above 500. COVID has underlined the importance of prompt HIV diagnosis and treatment access.Some of the vaccines, such as the Oxford and Pfizer vaccines, specifically recruited people living with HIV, although the full results of these studies have not yet been released.Many communities that have high HIV prevalence are the same as those that are more likely to be exposed to coronavirus and have higher rates of COVID-19 mortality. At present there has been no evidence presented to suggest that people with HIV have a different response to the COVID vaccine. Any risks there may be should be weighed against the considerable evidence of the risk of COVID related illness or death if the individual remains unvaccinated.On a personal level, as someone who has been living with HIV for 22 years, I will not hesitate to get vaccinated’.

He continued ‘People with HIV are currently in Group 6 in the UK, unless they are prioritised for another reason (Group 1 is over 85yo and care workers). This means that we will get vaccinated after those over 65. At this point I don’t know how we will be notified. I would advise people to ensure that their GP is aware of their HIV status. I hope that HIV / GU clinics may also be used for vaccine roll out but I don’t have any knowledge as to whether that will happen. I’m confident enough that the vaccine will be fine for people with HIV that I will have no hesitation in getting vaccinated. There is increasing evidence that people with uncontrolled HIV or who have previously had very low CD4 may be more vulnerable to severe COVID illness, but this is not anything close to the significance of other factors, such as age.’

Basically, ensure your current doctor or clinic know about your HIV status and you are on the list to be prioritised up the Covid vaccination order WITHOUT bothering them as much as possible as they are currently busy as fuck rolling out the biggest medical jabbing programme in World History as well as keeping on top of all the other standard health issues that the public has. Most Countries, States and provinces we have checked (or we expect) will prioritise HIV patients of ANY AGE probably ahead of 60-year-olds but do check in your territory.  For more information go to the NAM Aidsmap webpage or find specific information for your Country online with your well-known health services and please avoid all conspiracy websites as 5G is a bloody phone system and you are not that interesting that Bill Gates needs to know where you are and have a microchip in your arm and if your Government needs to track you etc well they have been able to do that for 20 years though your mobile phone so get off the dark web and into the real World now. So, don’t be a cockwomble and when your turn comes race to your vaccination centre for your jab ASAP preferably shirtless to please the hot medical staff because there are a Million tops and 2 Million bottoms out there waiting for you to get out of the pandemic and safely sexually active again. One note of caution though, once you have the vaccine you can still pass Covid on too others so be sensible and don’t jump on a plane to Mykonos, Puerto Vallarta, Gran Canaria or Fire Island posting online all the way from a gay beach or poolside and rubbing it in others faces who are sensibly still isolating or in lockdown awaiting their turn….please show some restraint and above all class as we are all in this together and we want every gay man out of this pandemic happy, sane, alive, erect, gaped and fully ready to fuck like pigs.


Written by Paul Stag

Paul is an international porn star and a long time editor for Alphatribe magazine.


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