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It’s not deep, dark fetish. We don’t sing Barbra Streisand whilst in a sling, and it’s pretty difficult to express lyrics in a straight jacket. Never say never though!

So, what is Geartunes Live? Well, Imagine a room full of rubber, leather, pup, lycra, cotton and any other gear you can think of. Add Broadway showtunes. Add songbooks. Add a cast of guest singers from our own fetish community, aided by a core team of experienced singers on stage. Add laughter, frivolity and being able to make new friends. Add the opportunity to raise funds for local LGBT+ charities, chosen by the local hosting groups themselves. All coming together in a safe, welcoming environment. That’s Geartunes Live!

I wanted to set up a charity event which brings people together through the power of music. It’s something I’m very passionate about, as I’ve seen the great impact music can have, both as an ex-professional singer and as a concert goer. It unites us like nothing else. It lifts us, takes us away.

Our rubber and kink families have a very similar, but very different, vibe. We’re all brought together through one shared love – the gear that we wear.

When I entered Mr Rubber UK last year (2019), I wanted to work alongside as many regional fetish groups as I could, to bring something different to their event calendar. Something welcoming, something fun. For many, Rubber isn’t about clubbing or the bigger ‘dark’ events, it’s about friendship and feeling comfortable in a social environment.

Manchester Rubber Weekend each year has a very established (and legendary) event called Geartunes. Broadway songs, rubber, fun and frivolity. Absolutely perfect… Cue light bulb moment. I presented my ideas to the Manchester Rubbermen core team – to twist the format, add live singers, and to take the show on tour, but ensuring the original event was honoured and respected. The idea was not only agreed, but encouraged, I was over the moon.

I asked talented people from our own kink families to be involved, no matter what performing level. Everyone is just as important to me, whether you’ve never had the chance to perform on stage, or you’re a full time professional, you’re all equal at Geartunes Live!

The first show was planned for my home city of Leeds, as part of Leeds Fetishmen’s GearFreak weekend. It was a very exciting and stressful time (I was also preparing and packing for MIR in Chicago) but after weeks of admin, formatting, rehearsals and planning, it all came together beautifully. Thanks to the awesome Leeds showteam, and the incredible guest singers, it was such an enjoyable experience, in fact, it was a complete riot! I was blown away.

Next stop (after a festive mini Christmas themed Geartunes Live, again in Leeds) we headed over the border to Glasgow, working with the wonderful Scottish Rubbermen. Their core team were as passionate about the project as I was, and they worked so hard to make the event a success. Apart from two singers who’d performed in the Leeds show with me, every other person performing in the show were Geartunes newbies, which gave a new and unique dynamic. Together, we raised over £1,400 for HIV Scotland. Truly amazing.

One month later, it was time for London, returning to the legendary Royal Vauxhall Tavern, where the Mr Rubber UK final was held last July. It was a real honour to be back there again, working with Rubbermen of London, our new supporter Fetishdaddy, and raising funds for Switchboard LGBT+. It was our first afternoon matinée show, we had a great team of singers, and our audience were superb. Again, it was a wonderful, unique experience, just stupid, loud, silly and fun.

And that brings us up to today… Our next shows were planned for Birmingham and Manchester, but as we all know, recently we’re all in a rather long “show interval”, so just for now we’ve brought the shows ONLINE! You can view our first shows totally free, online at Each show is around an hour of lighthearted, fun entertainment, hosted by me, but containing the entire Geartunes Team. Each show has a different theme, so far (at time of writing) we’ve done Broadway and Eurovision, and there are more variations to come!

I’m very determined and proud to say that more live shows will be confirmed moving forward, way beyond my Mr Rubber UK title year, and also not just focusing in the UK. I promise that when I can, I’ll tell you more. Music is a lifeblood across the world, it can travel well in multiple languages, and I’m beyond excited to have the opportunities to take the show further

Geartunes Live shows are ever changing, with new singers and different showtunes, and that’s wonderful, it gives us all something new each show. If you’d like to take part in any of the future shows, please do get in touch, we’re a really close family, and I’ll help in every way i can.

Finally, I cannot thank the singers who have been involved so far, the new ones yet to come, every single person who’s come along, and to all the rubber groups and people who’ve believed in me from the very beginning. You’ve not only made my dream come true, you’ve exceeded it, together we’ve raised over £3,500 for UK charities, you’re simply amazing!!

Please join the Geartunes Live Facebook group, and the Instagram page (@geartuneslive) for full details of upcoming shows, singer biographies, charity details, exclusive show photos, and much more. Our Online shows are available exclusively on

… See you at the show!


Written by Andrew Holt

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