Not so long ago Vienna welcomed a new fetish store, Gayt. I had the chance to talk to the lovely owners Thomas and Joe. Two chunks of energy, enthusiasm and friendliness. They talk about the adventure of a lifetime they began together.

Guys, not so long ago the shop was called Fetch but recently you changed the name. Tell us more.

Fetch shop in Vienna has become an independent shop as of Oct. 1, 2020.  With the changing times and COVID19 The Fetch London store and Fetch Vienna decided to part ways on good terms. The main reasoning was to allow us in Vienna to have an online presence, which really was not feasible. While Fetch London has been a good jumping off point, if another Lockdown were to happen, we really needed to have this online presence to be able to fully help our customers. Our goal has always been to provide our customers with the best experience possible. We spent a week in September rebranding and refreshing our look, logo, and adding a few new designers and we think it looks great! GAYT (pronounced like gate) and GAYT GALLERY.. Where Fetish and Art Collide. 

Picture by ‘Oinkster’

What is the difference?

The biggest change will be our online store. We also were the first to combine a Fetish Store with an Art Gallery in our basement, and we will be expanding this as well as offering an online opportunity to sell our products and the artists we will be featuring in our gallery. This will expose a lot of our local LGBTQ artists to a world wide market. The GAYT Gallery will not only feature fetish artists, but also local and international LGBTQ artists from photographers, sculptors, painters and even fashion designers.  This gallery space will also be available for small events, BDSM workshops, and currently working with our local HIV prevention the AIDS Hilfe Haus to offer free testing once a week!

Naturally our logo, colors and name have changed, but we now offer new and exciting lines from Maskulo, ES Collection, and Addicted as well as all our amazing lines we already carry like TOF Paris, Modus Vivendi, LEADER, Barcode Berlin, Oxballs, Jockmail MyStim and many more! 

How is it to have a Fetish Shop, especially these days during  corona?

We are still a fairly new business in Vienna, and the initial 5 week lockdown was a scary time for any new small buisness owner. Thankfully we were one of the first business allowed to reopen. We were so happy and grateful that the Vienna community did all they could to help after we could reopen.  Our loyal customers have been the backbone of our success in Vienna! Overall, it has been okay for us, however we are still concerned and worried about further lockdowns and restrictions. 

Picture by ‘Oinkster’

Do you see a difference when events took place and now?

For sure. We think world wide there has been a necessary shift in how we all attend events.  We have had one small event in our store after restrictions were eased, with a good turn out, even with the restrictions. We feel like we as a community , even if it is a smaller function, is good for us all, but needs to be done in a safe and practical way. However, we have decided that with a recent spike, that we will postpone any big reopening events until it is better under control. 

What is the ultimate goal you guys have with the shop? Any ultimate hopes. dreams…

Our ultimate goal is and always has been, to be a central part of our community. For not only guys into fetish, but for everyone. We have lots of dreams and ideas for our future, our main goal at the moment is to get our online store and gallery up and running so we can not only be a part of Viennas community, but the world! 

Picture by ‘Oinkster’

Written by Jeroen Van Lievenoogen

Jeroen is publisher of Alphatribe magazine

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