Folsom fundraiser closes at € 12.500!

The fundraiser held to support Folsom Europe has closed with the unexpected amount of € 12.500. Fundraiser organiser Jeroen Van Lievenoogen and Folsom board members Daniel Rüster and Alain Rappsilber have expressed their gratitude on social media.

Alain Rappsilber said: ‘I believe in miracles now! I am totally touched and speechless. Thanks for the absolute help, for the trust and the unbelievable support for Folsom. I would not have believed or thought possible what happened here on the web in 29 hours.

You have given me back the strength I need to get the next Folsom off the ground for you and with you together. I am touched and totally happy … this is the best birthday present I have ever had to see this help from you guys. Without a lot of words you just did it, acted great.

The district of Schöneberg and politics can certainly take a look at it, since summer 2020 I’ve been begging and working on the matter, except for warm words and a lot of hot air, unfortunately, nothing has come out until today. And here comes the miracle of the fetish community.

I’m just damn proud of you guys, girls, diverse and everyone who supported. The 18 past years of work for our community will go on I will make the 20 full!

Thank you thank you thank you x 10000

If you missed the fundraiser but would stil like to support Folsom Europe in these difficult times you can visit their homepage and use the Paypal donation.

Written by Jeroen Van Lievenoogen

Jeroen is publisher of Alphatribe magazine

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