Logan Moore the Dutch superstar gay fetish model who has maintained his position in the Top 10 of Europe’ fetish stars for the last 7 years is currently starring in a major reality TV show entitled Prince Charming.

The instantly recognisable model, dancer and entrepreneur most famous for his filmed masculine bottoming scenes in leather on the receiving end of huge group tag-teams of endless horsehung tops is perfect for a wider TV audience. Logan Moore won the title of Best Gay Fetish Porn Star in the World in 2016 at the annual X Awards:The World Gay Fetish Awards held at Darklands,  Antwerp each Spring (Under X Awards rules no previous winner is eligible again for 5 years meaning that Logan is back in consideration for next May’s show). He has been in AT many times including interviews still available online and appeared at many of the biggest fetish events worldwide.

Prince Charming is a reality dating show, filmed in the Netherlands with an International cast exclusively available on on-demand video platform Videoland and accessible throughout Europe. Currently the show is in its second season. The scenario is one fantastic looking single gay hunk over a number of episodes picks his hopeful future life partner with a weekly elimination of possible suitors…..and it works as last season’s Prince has found his current fiancé thanks to the show!. This revelatory update was broadcast in the first episode of the current season starring Logan as a possible suitor (The Prince Charming should be so lucky). The season has 10 regular episodes of 45 minutes with a reunion show broadcast on January 26th 2022. The current season began its run last month. Season Two’s sexy as fuck Prince Charming is 28yo Chris and all competitors for his heart are gay. So as the show which has been entirely recorded is still being broadcast, we will refrain from any spoilers. The producers were well aware of Logan’s porn star and fetish history when he was cast and it is a factor in the show. Instead of spoiling your viewing pleasure we spoke to the superstud exclusively to find out what made him want to do mainstream TV and what the experience was actually like.

Prince Charming (contestants season 2) Credit: RTL Boulevard)

“I decided to do the show for two reasons. Dating life isn’t easy in general but as a porn actor it’s almost impossible! So, I thought let them see that we are also normal human beings who deserve love and the second reason is too open the eyes of the Netherlands and Europe to be less judge-mental against porn workers. For that reason, I mixed the two worlds together for the first time. It’s a risk i was willing to take to make the future a better place for sex workers.  It was an awesome experience and I made friends for life. It sounds maybe silly but I came out of there as a new guy. The show makers knew what work I did and from the candidates only two guys knew who I was and my model persona. So, with one guy telling everybody in the show I thought it’s better if I tell the prince myself. This was the moment that everybody who is watching the show is gonna know what I did! I can’t say what happened next as it would be a spoiler but it is very interesting and entertaining! But I can tell you that one guy creates all the drama and several had heavy family stories, I was the guy that makes everybody laugh with of course some sex jokes haha! but the prince Chris was a lovely guy and was awesome in the show. He didn’t need many takes to film stuff which made him super sexy. So, if you guys wanna know I would say find a way to watch Prince Charming S2 Holland as you guys are gonna love it.”

Did Prince Charming Chris pick our fetish God? well you will have to tune in and see.


Written by Paul Stag

Paul is an international porn star and a long time editor for Alphatribe magazine.


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