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We asked major leather personalities and title holders what their favourite piece of fetish gear is, why and what it means to them as part of a new series? If you have a favourite item and story about it message with it for future features on rubber, puppy and other tribes as well as more leathermen.


Leather legend as a writer, activist, speaker, educator & current proprietor of Race’s Bar only fetish group.

My favorite piece of fetish gear is a small piece of black cowhide leather. It was given to me by my ex, Guy Baldwin, during our whirlwind romance in the 1980s. Apart from its obvious sentimental value, I use it often when playing. I roll it up and beat men with it. I tie it around a man’s head to simulate a blindfold or hood. I rub the smooth or rough side of the hide across a man’s body to elicit a sensual response. I place it in front of my play partner creating a small altar onto which I place mindfuck items such as the key to their collar or cock cage. And more. That one piece of leather has taught me so much about how it’s the creativeness of gear’s use rather than its complexity or cost that matters.


Former Mr Leather Belgium & IML Podium winner.
When people ask me what my favourite piece of gear is, I always reply immediately GLOVES! Getting ready to go out or going to a fetish social / event is for most of us some kind of ritual. THAT moment you look at yourself in the mirror when you’re ready to go and you realise “Damn, I look good!!….I’m gonna get some tonight!!”That look won’t be complete without a nice pair of leather gloves. When you’re putting hem them on, it feels like I’m ready to do bad things…..REALLY BAD THINGS.


MR Leather Norway.
I would have to be biased here and say Sir’s harness. After the submission and His claim of it as His, knowing this makes it very hot and horny to wear it. Every time, I just feel it as His embrace and that I am under His control, even though He is not there. I can tingle just by getting told or allowed to wear it. It is powerful and horny. And fucking awesome!
It is amazing how much just that can give as a feeling to an item to wear. But what a fucking feeling!


Bootblack Europe 2020 Winner
My favourite piece of gear is something I can, and do, wear every day if I want to. I love that about it. It’s a piece that I earned after months, years of leather earning, and a final ordeal of 100 strikes of this item across my buttocks. It bears my blood in the leather still to remind me of the earning. The bootblack in me knows that blood should be cleaned off the leather, but… it means too much to me to contemplate doing it. I wear it on days when I need to feel resilient and strong. And I wear it with my leathers, to clubs, to play, because it makes me feel just that little bit taller and it puts a surety and spring in my step, which in itself is sexy. And I use it as an implement in play. It is of course, my leather belt. There’s nothing sexier than taking off your belt to use on someone. You have to be an extra special good boy to get Daddy’s belt…


MR Leather Wales 2017
The bits of leather gear I like the best are my everyday wrist bands. They are often the first thing I put on in the morning and the last thing I take off at night. Then they sit on the bedside cabinet next to my cap and gloves. The feel and sight of them on my wrists are a constant reminder that I am a Leatherman and that comes with the responsibility, not only to do my best, whatever I am doing, but also to step up and help people in need if I can – values that were instilled in me when I was a leather boy in my twenties. The Masters who taught me were definitely “old guard” but I think they had the right idea. Leathermen are very visible members of our community, so we have a duty to represent them well. I don’t feel dressed without wrist bands, so I’m hardly ever without them. I have other, fancier ones for special occasions, but it is the ordinary, everyday, ones that I like the most.


Former Mr Leather Long Beach turned TreasureIslandMedia gay porn star.
My favorite piece of gear is my harness. I bought it from Mr S Leather in San Francisco when I was in search of a new look. I had to buy it online so to be sure it would look good I copied the image of the harness from their website and pasted it onto a picture of myself. I’ve worn that harness everywhere in the US and Europe. It was the first harness I ever bought and it changed my look completely–which changed my confidence and attitude. When I wear it I feel like a fetish-oriented leather man, which I enhance with accessories. It was and is the piece of gear I build everything around.


Written by Paul Stag

Paul is an international porn star and a long time editor for Alphatribe magazine.


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