European Puppy and Handler Contest

A spark lights up these dark days of event cancellations and businesses closing down as Rony Jay, president of the Mr Puppy Europe election, shares a bright future for the contest.

“Earlier this year, we had our fifth titleholder elected at Darklands. To celebrate this, and to move forward we are proud to announce changes to our contest and how we are getting ready for a more inclusive future.”

“From the next title year, during the election taking place at Darklands, we will drop the ‘Mr’ from the title and open our contest up to all genders . We do this in line with many of our European contests that have already dropped genders. After five male titleholders, we are ready to welcome the next, whichever gender they may be.”

“Furthermore, we would like to announce that we will also be running our very first Handler contest! Running alongside our puppy contest, this will lead to our very first elected European Handler.”

“Due to the changes in our contest, we have also decided to change our name to European Pup And Handler Contest {social media will be updated in due course}. Queries should be directed through our social media on Twitter, Facebook, and lnstagram.”

Our team is looking forward to the next contest and the future!

The first European Puppy and Handler Contest is scheduled to take place at Darklands in 2022. A lot of lines to draw on the wall!

Written by Jeroen Van Lievenoogen

Jeroen is publisher of Alphatribe magazine

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