The traditional EASTER BERLIN leather and fetish event produced annually by the BLF e.V. association will once again not take place as usual this year due to the corona pandemic. This is sadly the second cancellation in a row but, as things stand right now, no-one can say if, when, or how Berlin’s shops, bars, and clubs will be allowed to open over the Easter period. 

But this doesn’t mean that the BLF, its members, or Berlin’s entire fetish community are passing up the chance to show some fetish visibility, send a “sign of life” and find a way to somehow share a few hours with you.  That’s why there will be a 3-day EASTER BERLIN 2021 – SPECIAL VIRTUAL EDITION this year.

This will give us the opportunity to present Berlin’s fetish community (shop and location owners/staff, party organizers, fetish artists, partner clubs from near and far, or resident DJs, etc.) – as well as one or two other BLF members. Our resident DJ will still spin the right EASTER BERLIN sounds on his turntable to get your fetish bodies moving on your own living room dancefloor.

The whole online event will take place in THREE LIVE ONLINE TV SHOWS, which everyone can watch live from Berlin on VIMEO, Facebook, or our website. These will be broadcast for 4-5 hours every day from 6pm (CET) on Good Friday, Easter Saturday, and Easter Sunday.

All of us here are looking forward to welcoming you to Berlin online. Remember: social distancing is vital for all of us. And even though we might be far away from you, we’ll still be able to enjoy each other’s virtual company and celebrate our various fetishes together. Stay home, take care of yourself, stay in touch, and keep having fun!

Written by Jeroen Van Lievenoogen

Jeroen is publisher of Alphatribe magazine

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