DutchPupMomo (Twitter)

DutchPupMomo (Twitter)

Alphatribe covers the world of male fetish and in our new feature we will find sexy fetish men from around the globe to celebrate. This weeks hot fetish find comes from Twitter @dutchpupmomo. Momo is a pup of many passions and in his own words ‘a Dutch chastity and gear puppy, in love with rubber, with a need to be controlled and owned’. He loves scritches and belly rubs too!

dutchpupmomo on Twitter DutchPupMomo on Twitter

DutchPupMomo on Twitter


Written by Alan B

I’m a citizen of the world currently living in LA. With 7 cities and 4 countries under my belt I’m always ready for the next adventure. More about me: Fetish always finds me & Berlin is my spirit animal.

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