Dublin Leather Weekend 2022

Ireland has always needed a quality International destination gay fetish event as let’s face it no other nation knows how to party like the Irish do (Which is why there is an ‘Irish Pub’ in every town & City on the planet), and here it is so let the Guinness flow as the Worlds kinksters don some fetish green and head to Dublin for a fun event long time overdue.

Leathermen of Ireland began in the early days of the Covid Pandemic, it was initially conceived by Cathal Mulvaney as a way to keeps interested guys connected through the months of Lockdown. The Club had been planned for a few months prior to 2020, but no decision had been made about launching. In May 2020 Cathal and some mates entered the World Fetish Show organised by SLFC (Spanish Leather & Fetish Community) and a logo was needed. It seemed like the perfect time to launch the new Irish Club.

Since then, Leathermen of Ireland have run a Zoom event every Month. Starting with number bingo and a quiz and moving on to a very popular music bingo and general knowledge quiz.  Their music bingo has had many dance performances each month, with even Paul Stag getting into the groove with various masks, accessories and wigs. The Irish & International support for the Monthly Zooms has been great with Mexico, Kuwait, US, Canada, Ireland & Half of Europe taking part.

Up until recently the only events possible for Leathermen of Ireland have been virtual ones. This changed however, with a well-attended social night in Sally Bowles Cocktail Bar during Folsom, Berlin. The well renowned Irish welcome was there and many Club Members and other Berlin Attendees had a very enjoyable evening with a drink or ten. Cathal was an excellent host and the success of the name encouraged him to develop further an idea he had for a Leather Weekend in Dublin. He returned to Ireland, discussed things with the Club Secretary John O’Brien and thus DLW 2022 was born.

Dublin Leather Weekend 2022 (DLW 2022) will take place in Dublin on the last weekend of January 2022.  It’s planned to be a very social weekend with several visits to the gay bars of Dublin, a visit to the EPIC Museum (Europe’s Leading Tourist Attraction Winner 2019 & 2020), A Leather Dinner on the Saturday Night and Brunch on the Sunday. The event will culminate at the famous George Drag Bingo on the Sunday night. Like everything these days, the schedule is subject to change as regards Covid and venue availability. Packages are due to go on sale at the end of October and are expected to sell out very quickly. We at Alphatribe are attending and will report back on what promises to be an excellent start to the fetish calendar.

Leathermen of Ireland & Dublin Leather Weekend 2022 (DLW 2022) by John O’ Brien & Paul Stag


Written by John O Brien

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