On one hand Diqsuqr is a horny little bastard who likes endless cock and has become a major European fetish star over the last couple of years. On the other hand Diqsuqr is Europe’s first company/agency that can help anyone become a big porn star, online performer, model, influencer or monetised Only Fans/JustForFans/Pornhub personality.

As the man himself and the DQSR team, cameras and equipment at the ready prepare to hit Darland’s, Antwerp next month with the company handling industry advice & guidance on our very own Alphatribe booth. The little slut himself will be ‘entertaining’ all cummers in their world famous  ‘Fuckboxx’ glory hole located in the dark room each afternoon of the event therefore we needed to find out more about all aspects of this infamously ‘anonymous’ star. So, if you ever wanted to become a model, cam site guy or JustForFans star and actually make it work financially or merely want to enjoy a major stars willing deep throat free of charge then read on. Be aware this article does contain swallowing and absolutely no spitting or spillage whatsoever.

Who is Diqsuqr the person? 

Diqsuqr isn’t even a person. Diqsuqr is a creature. He’s here to serve and obey alpha men around the world. He’s nothing more than just a walking fuckhole. This cumrag is 28 years old based in Belgium with an International presence who is a submissive bottom always testing his own limits one shaft at a time.The whole idea began when my boyfriend and I sat down one night and we were talking kinks, fetishes, etc… Things we never dared to discuss before. I opened up about fantasising about making Porn videos. We threw some on Twitter and it kind of blew up in our faces. 

How has the Diqsuqr brand developed into the global phenomenon it is? 

We started on Twitter. Enjoying the hot feedback and all the followers we were gaining. We were having so much fun that we decided to subscribe ourselves on X-Hamster and start uploading there. The response was crazy. In just three weeks Diqsuqr became the #1 gay content creator worldwide on that platform – and since then hasn’t lost its reign, Since then we have moved onto other areas.As X-Hamster doesn’t really let you make the big bucks, we also started a fansite on JustForFans. That’s been running for several months and is going very nicely indeed providing a new monthly revenue stream – yet we’re still looking for that next level that could lift Diqsuqr higher.

Tell our readers about your company mentoring and guiding wannabe future cum models into the adult industry?

My boyfriend and I took this whole process onto ourselves. Making the logos, the intro, the sounding, the filming, editing, etc… But this is only half the job, because there’s also the paperwork, the legal documentation, the setting, costly materials, the gear, etc… and there was no source for real guidance.  Once we got all that set, my boyfriend (mentioned ‘THE BOSS’ in Diqsuqr’s movies) had the great idea to help and support other performers as we then knew how the cookie crumbled. Basically, we thought we could help others with the many & varied aspects of the adult industry which is a great area to work in but there is not a lot of structure and guidance especially in Europe.
This grew out to be our brand new startup: DQSR Productions.It all comes down to this: DQSR performers just perform – and cash afterwards. We at DQSR do ALL the rest. We’ll have meetings, create your logo, intro, paperwork, photoshoots, filmwork, editing, legal work, we even handle your social media, promotion all around, etc… It creates the opportunity for people with busy schedules to make some dreams come true. Most of all we have great contacts in all aspects of the industry to fast-track guys to success.
We’re even transforming our own home a bit for every possible scenario: jacuzzi, big dual shower, a ‘porn’-room with a bed, couch and a sex swing, gloryhole, etc … you name it.So, if any openminded reader thinks he’s got what it takes? You know what to do! 

What is the appeal about anonymous reality sex and glory holes?

I, Diqsuqr, always had a thing for anonymous sex. Cruising started ten years ago when I was eighteen and I unknowingly drove onto a cruising park next to the highway, while I was taking something out of the boot of my car, this guy started wanking next to me, (Yeah, our editor at AT apologises for that & thanks you for not pressing charges). I was in shock for a moment but just a few seconds afterwards I was on my knees milking his cock.
The love for anonymous sex even goes way back, when I was sixteen years old I already knew I was a sexual being. I asked my mother if I could ride my bicycle in the fields, where I was actually getting pounded by a much older military guy.
Gloryholes are the holy grail of anonymous sex. Just big throbbing cocks in your face. No name, no looks, no identity. With my beloved absence of a gag reflex, throating dicks at my homemade gloryhole became a fetish for me. From the moment I first got on my long-suffering knees to serve the Belgium military as a teenager until now, I must’ve sucked thousands of cocks and had a lot of training. My fans LOVE the gloryhole videos, the way I use my throat, skills and pure passion for giving the alpha his pleasure. 

Will the world ever get to see Diqsuqr’s face?

Diqsuqr isn’t anonymous, Diqsuqr is mysterious. Who the fuck is this cumdump? What do we know about him? Let those questions sink in and let the buzz continue. It’s just another hot dimension of this cumdump. He’s so degraded, that he can’t even have an identity. Stripped down to the core; only a dumphole.
A few people that met me while cruising without my gear, so just for my own pleasure, came up to me and said: That jawline, that nose… you’re the fucking Diqsuqr!Of course, I left in a hurry. Diqsuqr is nothing, not even a human being. 

What is your biggest ever load count in your ass and down your throat?

So much that I lost count. Once the boss, the boyfriend, ducktaped me to a tree with everything restrained, just my ass sticking out… Who is able to count when you’re being popper fed and just feel several dicks load up your boy pussy. The sound of those dicks sobbing in my ass only indicates that I was a good dump. You are well known for outdoor cruising sex what was the hottest session and tell our readers about the time it went wrong or you almost got caught?

That’s a hard one. I do have my special Belgian places where I take ‘walks’ like the city park in Antwerpen. But which one is the hottest? Every time I got a curious straight lad to bust his load down my throat or in my ass is a hot one. Never been caught by normal visitors or police… But, I do want to take this opportunity to inform my fans and the readers that not every guy at the cruising grounds has the best intentions. There are stories about guys being robbed, being beaten, etc… Please know that this is still an ILLEGAL activity and that there are risks involved. Oh, and please, erase your marks. No littering, not harming other people and nature. (AT note all cruising is AYOR and stay vigilant).

Everyone who knows me knows that I am a big fan and lover of Amsterdam. Nieuwemeer is the world’s first and only legal cruising ground. If you want to try it out but feel like you shouldn’t because of the risks, hunt there and do it in all safety! Tip: for lovers of straight cum and anonymous tops? Go after sundown…

What are your plans for Darklands, Antwerp?      

Both Diqsuqr and DQSR Productions are collaborating with Darklands this year! DQSR Production will be present at the Alphatribe booth for everyone who wants some information about what we do. Diqsuqr will be there to meet you guys, have a chat, make a photo, anything goes! But if you whip out a big cock, I can’t help to get down on my knees or present my pussy.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday, Diqsuqr will be manning a gloryhole booth in the darkroom for every hung alpha top that needs his dick sucked! This way you won’t enter the party in the evening and shoot your load in the first hour. So, cum and say hi! Official times are on the Darklands website and our social media. 

Will your official dark room glory hole sessions there be filmed, is it no fetishmen loads refused?

It will be throat collecting only. And preferably hung dicks (I like a challenge), but, Diqsuqr is just a cumrag and serves alphas, actually I’m not even allowed to have preferences. Do you wish to star in a gloryhole movie with Diqsuqr? After your blowjob, go back to the DQSR booth and give your information to the people present and responsible for DQSR – that way we can get all the paperwork done and get your cock on the web!

If you could have any couple of guys cocks in the world coming through your glory hole for a hard draining by the Diqsuqr throat who would they be?

That’s a great question… I prefer the perfect cock instead of the perfect guy. Want to know which sort of cock I like to drain the most? If I’m even allowed to have a preference here we go:
A 19CM+ cut cock, curve downward. Perfectly sliding down my greased throat. 
As a human being, without my Diqsuqr persona? Dark-skinned men, Arabic men and mediterranean men are the hottest men around!
But if we have to be completely honest and cheeky… That Jeroen from Darklands would get a hard draining, and don’t tell me you wouldn’t drain him.

Where is the strangest, weirdest or funniest place you have ever blown and swallowed a guy?

The question should be:Where is the strangest, weirdest or funniest place you have never blown and swallowed a guy?
But if I had to pick the most extreme… How about the altar of a catholic church in Belgium?

How can guys follow you on your socials, find out more about getting into the industry or get in touch with you?

– @deepthroate2007 is my twitter;- Diqsuqr on;- Diqsuqr on Xhamster
Gloryhole appointments and collabs are made through: on twitter


Written by Paul Stag

Paul is an international porn star and a long time editor for Alphatribe magazine.


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