Darklands announces the 2022 hosts

Bit by bit more details of the Darklands 2022 program are leaking out. Today Darklands announces the hosts for it’s two stages at the upcoming festival in May next year.

Karin, Jürgen and Suus. Picture by Ellen Vlaanderen de Vries


Jürgen lives in Amsterdam and celebrates his 46th birthday on the Sunday of Darklands in 2022. Jürgen is an actor, sound studio artist and teacher. Most recently he produced his autobiographical theatre production GOOD BOY, which he created in support of everyone who is ‘different’.
” I have been part of Darklands for six years now. When Jeroen van Lievenoogen was part of the judges panel at the Mr Rubber Nederland Contest he saw me host and then he invited me. The event is so fantastic, and hosting the main stage is a fantastic responsibility with those many different types of guests: leathermen, drag queens, porn stars, interesting people for serious interviews. I am looking forward to presenting with co-hosts Suzanne and Karin so much, we have a great connection and I also kind of look up to them, as they have achieved great things for the community. I also can’t wait to re-unite with director of the main stage Ellen, and all the technicians and the volunteers that are there every year. We all make sure you have the best weekend possible!”

Suus is a Dutch fetish photographer and the first Ms Leather NL.
“Darklands is pure, accessible and safe, a place where I feel at home every year. Who wouldn’t want to be part of this great team.”

Karin is a 42 year old business analyst and part time sex educator.  She was Ms Leather NL 2020 and Ms Fetish Eagle 2021.
“I can’t wait to present Darklands! What is better than to present fantastic fetish shows, for an audience that consists of so many different people, tribes and fetishes, and where so much is organised around fetish, fun, partying, shopping for gear and toys, education, and meeting people. I just love it and I can’t wait to tell everybody how awesome they are.”


Ripper Moff

Ripper Moff is a charismatic glitterball of energy, enthusiasm and excitement.
An internationally recognized cabaret, burlesque and fetish host, performer and alternative model, with a passion for anything glittery, sparkly and shiny. 
Cheeky, sassy and quick-witted, they love to meet, greet and entertain

Don Pasquale (Picture by MacSiers Imaging)

Don Pasquale is singer and presenter, hosting queer theatre and musical fetish shows, part of duo The Poppers, counterpart of Ripper Moff and proud member of Darklands creative since 2016.

Written by Jeroen Van Lievenoogen

Jeroen is publisher of Alphatribe magazine

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