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Paris – the ‘City of Lights’ – is probably the world’s leading city to visit for tourists. And there is loads to see. But the horny fetish player and Alphatribe reader has one place at the top of his ‘must see’ list when he visits the French capital: Dark Ink. This incredibly popular company is the leader in French sleaze. Its superb range of sex toys and accessories has taken Europe by storm over the last two decades. And we love it as Dark Ink leans towards the harder end of sex play – which is where we like to start and operate.

Dark Ink offers many specialist items. And with some of them, you will struggle to work out what they do to your ass, cock, or whatever other part of the body they are aiming to stimulate. Luckily Dark Ink’s knowledgeable staff can always help you to select the right thing to get you off.

Alongside their own items, Dark Ink also partner with the biggest names in international gay fetish to meet every need. Back in 2009 they were the first company in Europe to introduce Oxballs, 665 Leather, and Swiss Navy. Other partners include Mr S Leather, Jock, Hankey Toys, Sportfucker, Cellblock13, Maskulo, Locker Gear, and Perfect Fit.

Everything is here from dildos for beginners right up to massive hunks of latex which will stretch anyone’s ass into the loosest mancunt around. There are also superstar dildos including the winner of 2019 Fetish Product of the Year – the legendary Cutler X dildo! Even totally prolapsed asses need satisfying!

For your cock they have everything including celebrity Fleshjacks by Trenton Ducati, Boomer Banks, and Brent Corrigan amongst others. Dark Ink also offer a nice array of chastity devices. And for your bollocks, they have the largest stock of kit including weights, ball bruisers, crushers, and stretchers. Some even come with added spikes to give your low hangers some pornstar style.
Dark Ink is heavily associated with the pup world. They proudly boast they have supplied ‘pioneering puppy gear since 2001’ – the first year the International Mr Puppy Contest was run. Some contestants probably wore Dark Ink gear there. Some of their most popular items include the wireless remote-controlled puppy tail from Good Boy and the entire rainbow collection of puppy masks from Mr S Leather.

Their own line is ironically called ‘Dark Line’ and includes a perverted range of goodies. Whether you need cockrings, ball stretchers, chastity cages, plugs, nipple clamps, urethral probes, ball crushers, or speculums – Dark Ink can provide. And don’t forget to check out their signature range – Black Edition.

Dark Ink also offers the largest variety of aromas in Europe, many of them manufactured in France.

In 2014, Dark Ink took over The Boxxman store and sex club in the Paris district of Les Halles. Revamped, enlarged, and remodelled, the venue gives Parisians and visitors a chance to see and try every piece they see on It’s possible to try the products on and test them out immediately in the two basement floors!

France is a whole lot sleazier with Dark Ink. Your trip up the Eiffel Tower can only be improved with your new heavy-duty ball weights on. Don’t forget the ribbed butt-plug for your gaped hole and the punishing cum-stopper in your knob.

You can see everything Dark Ink has to offer at You will also find the Dark Ink team at the best fetish events. •

Alphatribe’s top 10 at Dark Ink

For very extreme players!

Steel ball crusher or ball buster with spikes. 

The wooden fist and scrotum pillory restraint.

The Goliath prolapsing dildo – it’s fucking huge!

Hanging rubber strap cage for that mummification feel.

Silicon nail and screw sounds – it looks like a real six-inch nail going into your cockeye.

Stainless steel three-way urethra stretcher – we so want one of these.

The mouth gag for extreme silence – makes Jigsaw look like a beginner’s item.

Uncut dildo with retractable foreskin.

Oxballs’ three-way triple penetrator for when your ass needs Rocco Steele, Pitbull, and Dolf Dietrich all in there at the same time.

Vibrating piss hole penis probe. Or try the one with 13 bullets (bumps) on it… ouch!

Bonus: Don’t forget Dark Ink’s Fistpowder. This lubricant was designed by a French pharmaceutical lab in 2013 for fisting. It’s so natural you can lick it. There are no stains and it’s easy to rinse away.


Written by Paul Stag

Paul is an international porn star and a long time editor for Alphatribe magazine.


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