Using glory holes for your health is the official medical recommendation …No glove no love… No mask no ass… A Glory Hole then every mouth is a goal……..

The Covid 19 pandemic has had a major effect on gay men’s sex lives. A huge part of the gay world and 100% of the AT Readership are promiscuous little anonymous butt fuckers basically we struggle to keep it in our leather studded jock-straps Those outside of monogamy are apparently over a massive 50 times as likely to be into having casual sex than are straight male counterparts basically we are fucking sluts and cum whores. The Average number of sexual partners a straight lad has in his LIFETIME is 12 according to International statistics which is equivalent to a very bad night for a gay man and the worst evening of the Year for Dolf Dietrich and Silver Steele. Grindr, Scruff, BBRT, Manhunt and a million other App’s and websites exist purely for the regular opportunity to exchange bodily fluids and for gay men to make the beast with two leather backs and continue our attempts to produce little fetish clad babies all with stubble, moustaches, muscles and hairy chests fresh from the man womb.

So how do we drain our ballsacks and fill our asses during a Worldwide pandemic when we are locked in our houses, banned from meeting even family let alone willing anon shag’s and have to wear masks even to buy a loaf of bread, a pint of milk or a 20″ dildo. The simple answer is it has been tough. We have been introduced to a new word to almost all  of us called abstinence which means no bum action except with our partners if we are lucky enough to have one…..we have been turned into catholic priests without of course the craving for choir boy cock. Jacking off 8 times a day has become the ‘New Gay Normal’ and our wank socks have never been stiffer or more rank , this together with extensive use of sex toys and putting our dicks in the vacuum cleaner or some nearby fruit is our entertainment during the last few months. Like good little citizens the World over we have stayed indoors as none of us want to catch the highly transmittable bloody bat eating disease that has fucked the planet up and cancelled 2020 wholesale. That cannot last forever so as we moved ever so slowly out of lockdown like a virgin soldier sliding oh so gingerly onto his commanding officer’s experienced hairy shaft for the First time; as schools, bars, businesses, gyms. beaches etc open up so we need guidance on the re-opening of our sex lives. 

The guidance that we can meet outside of our lockdown bubbles meant rightly or wrongly that meeting guys for cock was back on the table or sling as it were with each person seemingly making up their own mind about the levels of personal risk. Covid 19 is largely transmitted by droplets from the mouth or nose with them often landing on objects which others touch and then when they put their hands to their own faces they become as infected as the Berghain floor fisting room at 6 in the morning on a weekend. Kissing therefore as well as touching, bodily contact let alone sweating on each other, pit licking, deep rimming and pissing all over a rubber clad sub is as risky as Rupert Murdock’s chances of getting into Heaven. So the authorities taking advise from the medical experts now recommend we use glory holes which apparently are the safest form of sex. The powers that be realise that human’s need sex and gay men REALY REALY need sex so abstinence was not going to last long and plans/recommendations had to be forthcoming.

The official recommendations are as follows:
Dr. Demetre Daskalakis from the The NYC Department of Health’s new rules, released in June, came after a study by Harvard physicians published in Annals of Internal Medicine wrote the new guidelines suggesting the uptake of Glory Holes. “The pandemic changes and so does our guidance.
While the new safer sex guidelines still maintain that you are your safest sex partner, followed by the consenting adult that you live with, the department’s professionals have provided some guidance for those who just can’t make that work. They advise limiting contact with anyone outside of the house and say that “if two is company then three (or more) is definitely a crowd,” and as a result not safe. Still, if you have decided to go out with a group, “pick larger, more open, and well-ventilated spaces,” wear a mask and avoid kissing or touching your face, and “bring an alcohol-based hand sanitizer. We just don’t know whether rimming could spread the virus, but that’s a possibility but the ass has good protection against nasties. Also, you should consider wearing “a face covering or mask” that covers your nose and mouth as “heavy breathing and panting” could spread things. They also explicitly advise making things kinky by getting “creative with sexual positions and physical barriers, like walls or Glory Holes.”

To that end, the British Columbia Centre for Disease Control likewise recommends masturbation as the safest way to engage in sex in the time of COVID, but it also has a list of recommended precautions explicitly calling for the use of glory holes as a safer sex tool.  “Use barriers, like walls and especially glory holes, that allow for sexual contact but prevent close face-to-face contact. That said, hygiene is key. Make sure to wash up before and after! And we would assume that using multiple glory holes back to back — as is the habit at some venues — probably defeats the purpose a bit. Oh, and condoms still help! “Condoms and dental dams can reduce contact with saliva, semen, or feces” during sex, which could mitigate transmission.

A glory hole is a 3/4″ hole cut into a wall more often than not at a public toilet for men to stick their erect wiener through for another guy to suck to a frothy finish or slot his pre-lubed ass on for a decent gut flooding. The upside of it is that even though you have major contact with a guys 10″ thick veined meat to do what you like you are perfectly safe from his face and hands ie the things which in effect transmit Covid. If the cocksucker washes his face and hands after his chances of catching Covid is very small as is that of the cock provider. According to the scientists (Who we understand spent over 2 months testing the glory hole theory in their labs and washrooms) there is little or no chance of catching the disease through semen and as we all know another man’s semen is really good for your health and the second-best source of natural protein and you should try and swallow several loads a day along with any other prescribed medicine you are on for a happy healthy life. So maybe it is time to follow the slogan of one famous gay porn studios brand tag line’ Suck Dick And Save The World’ 


Written by Paul Stag

Paul is an international porn star and a long time editor for Alphatribe magazine.


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