Slowly but surely the world is recovering from Covid, and that means big leather events!  CLAW (Cleveland Leather Annual Weekend) is taking place in Los Angeles this year.  Call it CLAW.

CLAW 21 is in LA because of COVID and hotels. Big leather events require total buy-outs of large hotels.  That can’t be done without years of advance planning.  To reschedule their 2021 event within the same year, CLAW had to choose between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  On those two weekends, CLAW could pick almost any hotel in the country, and they chose well.  Designed by architect John Portman, The Westin Bonaventure is the largest hotel in Los Angeles and one of the most photographed buildings in the world.  This unique structure evokes a 1970s vision of the future, using circular shapes, massive forms, and the concept of space as experience.  It’s five sleek 35-story glass towers including a 6-story atrium will provide incredible sight lines and back drops for fetish photography during CLAW.  

Because of the long weekend, CLAW 21 starts on Wednesday, November 24 and goes until late Sunday night, November 28.  It features more than 150 events and exhibitors, all of them under one magnificent roof.  CLAW expects many thousands of leather men from around the world to attend.   Some of the highlights:  a huge 20,000 sq.ft. leather vendor mart with more than 40 excellent vendors, led by Mr-S-Leather and a Kinky Art Show and Store, featuring 38 artists from around the world, produced by CLAW and the Tom of Finland Foundation.  There are 3 silent auctions, 12 speed dating games, 5 banquets, a Kings and Queens Roast, and more than 80 different skills and education sessions covering Assplay, Power Dynamics, BDSM, Fetish, Health and — especially — Community.  COVID has taught us that nothing is more important than that.

CLAW 21 has dozens of parties too, including three dance parties:  TESTOSTERONE (from Berlin) with DJ EuroSteve, DOMINATE with DJ Aron (Brazil) and a MISTER Tea Dance on the Plaza Pool deck Sunday afternoon, featuring Robbie Leslie (Studio 54, The Saint).  Seven Hercules Parties totaling 35 hours provides a men’s BDSM playspace, and seven Payasos parties bring a little Latino flavor to leather.  CLAW is debuting the Playground by ABU, an ABDL play space open long hours every day.  There are two moshes for pups and other pets.  HorseMarket is on the schedule twice, as well as a Spanking Party, four cigar parties, a big swimming pool and lots of private and semi-private room parties.

Proof of COVID19 Vaccination is required to attend any CLAW 21 event.

For a complete schedule of events, visit (  Rooms at the Bonaventure are still available and only $139/night at  

The weather is unlikely to disappoint.  Daily temperatures in LA at the end of November range from 63F/17C to 71F/22C, warm enough to be comfortable when most other places are getting their first snowstorms but cool enough for leather, especially at night.

Most of the Los Angeles leather community organizations are involved in CLAW:  LA Leather Coalition, Avatar-LA, Payasos, Tom of Finland Foundation, Eagle LA, The Bullet, Rough Trade Gear, Anthony John Presents, JustFor.Fans, nastykinkpigs, The Fight magazine, PigSolvents and Guys2 Events, and many others are collaborating with the CLAW team that produces their amazing event in Cleveland.  And speaking of Cleveland, that’s where CLAW 22 will be, April 28-May 1, 2022.  Starting next year, CLAW Corp will produce two big events/year:  Claw in April in Cleveland and the Leather Getaway in November in Los Angeles.

CLAW 2021 is in DTLA this month.  See you there!


Written by Brian Goss

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