To lots of people. Chastity in the playroom is one thing. But, orgasm denial over long periods of time as a habit or even lifestyle is dangerous to the sub’s health. I’ll explain.

Orgasm is a biological function. Necessary for life. Like eating, drinking or breathing. It is why the brain gives a pleasure response to sex like it does for eating drinking or breathing. Sex is not just about procreation. Evolution has “piggybacked” many other biological needs onto the activity to keep the person healthy.

Two considerable studies have shown that men who do not cum regularly have a 22% increase in prostate disease. Including deadly cancers. Orgasm provides a unique activity for pulmonary and cardiac health. This rapid increase and then drop cannot be duplicated in any other activity.

Orgasms release chemicals into the brain that are necessary for proper brain function. Especially staving off clinical depression. (oxytocin, serotonin, especially) Men who suffer from this kind of depression are up to 5 times more likely to have a successful suicide attempt as studies have proved.


I just had 50 men do a January challenge. To see how Seasonal depression could be affected by orgasms. These 50 men, attempted for 8 days (or more) in a row to orgasm 3 times a day. Some could not. Others many more. The response so far has been an increase in mood that has countered SAD. We may have beaten January depression by cumming. Now 50 isn’t a good scientific sample. But, the results look significant enough to indicate this subject needs to be properly studied with a larger cohort. And a control.


I believe chastity play was never intended to be long term. Some device manufactures cover their ass by suggesting that the subject in the device not “be left unattended.” Or they flat out say, “please do not sleep in this device” No manufacturer has independent consumer safety testing on the design. CPSC type safety testing is not available anywhere that I can find.

The base of all devices is a rigid cock ring. There is plenty of documentation going back to the 80s about the dangers of having a solid ring around the penis and scrotum. ER visits that can be quite serious. Long term wearing of cages likely cause permanent changes in the penis. Ask anyone who wears a wedding band to slide it back and show you the skin underneath. Consider how tough the fingers are compared to genitals. What is happening with persistent wearing of the cages?

Short term abrupt damage like in CBT repairs itself in most cases. But, continuous damage would cause problems. Right? Ask a sub who likes getting whipped hard, how their back has changed from frequent beatings over the years. Do they develop any scaring. Their nerves aren’t as sensitive. Correct? Chastity has the appearance of being “soft play.” It doesn’t seem invasive, but, we aren’t considering the effects of months or years of using them. And this is what we NEED to be considering.

Then there is a behavioral modification and conditioning aspect to long term chastity play. Subs saying, “after a few weeks I just started to get used to it” is a red flag for behavior modification. The cage gives instant punishment for erections. So, in defense the body stops producing erections as often. This is the response cycle at work. The brain starts to limit sexual thoughts to reduce erections while in the cage. This is essentially breeding out sex drive. This sort of therapy is frowned upon by the psychiatric community because it has complex and unpredictable side effects. It is why gay conversion therapy is so bad.

Really, what we have to ask ourselves as people into kinky sex. Why are we trying to make our subs not sexual? Why are we breeding the sex out of them? If you are engaged in SM with someone who is less sexual, are we still having kinky sex if one partner is not being sexual? The assertions made by the writers of fantasy stories about chastity claim it makes the sub hornier, and more focused on service. But, if the sub’s body is reacting by reducing sex, If the body is producing less testosterone because of reduced sexual activity. How are we making the sub hornier?

If we do this for a few days, desire will no doubt increase. But, it seems like it has diminishing returns after a time. If a sub says, “I just stopped thinking about it” they aren’t getting horny like they did only 48 hours in, are they? The answer must be, they are not getting hornier. Long term chastity has to be having the opposite effect than we intend with it. It may just be fiction writing. And at some point the sub may not be acting on consent. They may be acting on behavior modification.


BDSM play that leaves the dungeon always strays into the arena of abuse. We all know we have to use care when we engage in lifestyle SM, and be aware of the special circumstances of living the life. When we do long term play, or lifestyle play, we have to be aware of things that we do not have to consider if we are playing a few hours. Or over a weekend.

Chastity may be safest in the playroom, or for very occasional short periods and then released. Only with subs who don’t have health issues affected by the things I’ve listed especially mental health. We don’t have to stop chastity play. However we owe it to ourselves and our community to start asking questions about what we are doing with long term scenes.

Gordon Reece is the Co-Owner of the Worlds largest gay men’s play party CumUnion


Written by Gordon Reece

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