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Celebrating 20 years of Sleazy Madrid

This event has been postponed due to the Covid-19 situation. We’ll let you know when a new date is chosen.

The sleaziest and most popular fetish event in southern Europe celebrates its big birthday this year. The original kink fest in Spain’s capital happens right at the start of May. Over the past two decades it has become a must visit event for international circuit players whether you’re into leather, rubber, or puppies. Events start late in the Mediterranean tradition, but the debauchery carries on into the morning and beyond. Toni De Blanco and his award-winning team know how to throw a sexy and well-run event. And unlike other fetish weekends in Europe, the weather is guaranteed to be hot, hot, hot. 

Sleazy Madrid has become so successful that there is now a Winter Sleazy Madrid in December. It’s a must for anyone wanting to escape the mid-winter blues. Sleazy Madrid and Spain Fetish Week were established by Manuel Carranco and Toni Blanco in 2000. We spoke to them to find out more about the history of Sleazy Madrid, and the extra special treats they are planning for their birthday weekend extravaganza. Y Viva Espana! Sleazy Madrid 2000-2020.

Guest Authors: Toni Blanco and Josh Duniat

In 1997 we created ZORTEX, the first fetish party in Spain. It was the perfect combination of fetish rules and electronic music, and it was the greatest underground party ever. The first fetish party was held in Madrid’s old town, in a spot that highlighted the alternative character of the event.

Thanks to the unexpected success of Zortex, and with our experience of visiting established fetish circuit events, we decided to hold a fetish meeting in Madrid. We reduced the possible number of attendees and involved Spain’s first fetish bars and shops including Eagle, the Strong Center, and St Leather.

The early years were hard, and we faced many difficulties. Most bar and club owners were not willing to rent us their spaces as we were offering something new and unknown, even for the gay community. But thanks to our perseverance and hard work, we successfully overcame these setbacks.

In 2000, we held the first Sleazy Madrid during the December long weekend. It was a great success and was attended by many visitors from around Europe. The success of that event meant that many bars and clubs became interested in collaborating and taking part in the following editions. Thanks to the increased number of visitors and its popularity, Sleazy Madrid has become an integral part of the international fetish circuit.

Our aim was to give visibility to the fetish community and establish it as a normal part of the gay community. Thanks to our hard work and years of experience, we can say that we have accomplished our aim. Today Sleazy Madrid is seen as the most important fetish event celebrated in Spain.

In 2020 we will proudly celebrate Sleazy Madrid’s 20th anniversary, and that we have achieved our aim of providing the fetish community with visibility and acceptance.

The celebration will take place over three main weekends:

Spain Fetish Week: 29 April to 3 May.

Gaypride: 27 June to 5 July.

Winter Sleazy Madrid: 4 to 8 December

Our events and parties are well known for their quality, great electronic music, hottest performances, and amazing visual effects.

We are focused on keeping our outstanding musical identity. It’s a non-stop search for masculine and sexually evocative rhythms and sounds which create the perfect atmosphere for our parties. The greatest national and international DJs have played our events. Chief amongst them is Manuel Carranco, our resident DJ.

We have dramatically improved the quality of our performances and live fetish shows. Prestigious international fashion designer Manuel Albarran has created metal gear for our go-go dancers and performers.

We are proud of our hard work. Over the past two decades we have taught our public how to dress and behave at our fetish events, and to understand and accept the fetish code. We have served as a source of fetish information in Spain, and enhanced the acceptance and visibility of our fetish community.

In 2020 we will celebrate our 20th anniversary with five different parties in the best fetish clubs in Madrid. One of them, the Strong Center, is the greatest fetish venue in Spain and Europe.

The Sleazy Madrid 20th Anniversary event will be held in Chueca, the gay neighbourhood in the centre of Madrid. It’s the perfect spot for this magnificent party and means our visitors will not need taxis or buses to get to our events.

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