Cal Rider’s Manifesto

Cal’s wrote his personal Manifesto in January 2018 to explain #Gear365. We publish his Manifesto to honor him after his death.

My name is Cal Rider, and I wager we may share a few things in common. I’ve had a lifelong battle with self-confidence… I’ve often felt like I’m quite different than almost everyone around me… I’ve longed to find my ‘chosen family’, where I can be who I truly am without judgement. And wearing gear is a very deep part of who I am spiritually, physically, and sexually.

Since childhood, my attraction to gear was hidden in the shadows. By my early twenties, I was acquiring gear but felt too selfconscious and fearful to wear it out of the house. I was living like a chameleon; ‘normal’ to most everyone and ‘geared’ where it was safe. In my thirties I finally realised that expressing myself as a gear lover was a vital and healthy step toward living an authentic life in all surroundings.

In 2018, I promised myself I would wear some form of gear every day to help me fully embrace who I am. What started off as a personal new year’s resolution quickly grew into a social movement.

#Gear365 started on 1 January 2018 by way of a video calling for each of to wear some form of gear throughout daily life. Anything, from a full outfit to something as simple as a wristband; whatever constitutes ‘gear’ to you. The goal was to conquer our insecurities and find the confidence to proudly be our true geared-selves out in the world. I also wanted to inspire others to join in by sharing our daily gear experiences on social media using the hashtag #Gear365. The movement grew rapidly, and many lives have being affected for the better.

Today, we not only have the hashtag, but also a Facebook group called #Gear365. It has become a diverse group of thousands of gear lovers from across the globe, all supporting and encouraging one another to proudly live their lives in gear. Together, we’ve tackled body confidence, mental health issues, getting out in gear, and how to meet one another. It has become a safe place for all gear lovers to feel like they are with kindred spirits. They’ve become my global chosen family.

The heart of our movement is to accept, love, and be who truly are; a sexy, confident and beautiful gear lover. And you deserve to be that person in everyday life. I hope you’ll join us.

Find our group on Facebook or search social media for #Gear365. Gear up!

Cal Rider


Written by Paul Stag

Paul is an international porn star and a long time editor for Alphatribe magazine.


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