BusterBDSM (Twitter)

This week we turn our fetish focus to the current Mr. Leather UK and chairman of the London Fetishmen Buster aka BusterBDSM (Twitter). Buster describes himself as primarily as a power fetishist and a leatherman. ‘I love creating scenes and connections that play with subs minds and tie them in knots and make them beg for more. More chastity time, more pain, more of my arm inside them, more of their limits stretched and connection to reality distorted. Kink play for me is deeply spiritual, you can make a connection with someone in a way that you never can with vanilla play, and construct a fantasy world to live in for a few hours or days which fundamentally changes both the Dom and the sub and encourages long term growth on both their parts.’ Most important to him is that fetish life is fun, sounds perfect to us too!

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busterbdsm gayfetish malefetish alphatribe


Written by Alan B

I’m a citizen of the world currently living in LA. With 7 cities and 4 countries under my belt I’m always ready for the next adventure. More about me: Fetish always finds me & Berlin is my spirit animal.

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