BLUF introduces ‘Black membership card’

BLUF is more alive than ever. After the news about their ‘why join BLUF campaign’ and new t-shirts in the merchandise range they have yet another bit of news for us.

And that is the new ‘BLUF Black card’ which has been soft launched already. The main promotional campaign is coming soon. “This ties into a new feature BLUF has added on the site, which allows people to easily set up recurring donations. People who make one off donations of more than €10 get the existing BLUF card (now the BLUF White card) which is a virtual card available in our app.” Says Nigel Whitfield.

“If members set up a regular donation (from £2.50 a month) then they get the black card, which is a plastic card we’ll send out in the mail. I’m just waiting for them to arrive here this week. It’s actually a two part card – the main part is credit card sized, and it has a key tag on the right, which snaps off. On the back of both is a unique barcode. Members can enter information, into the website that will be displayed when the card is scanned (which most phone cameras do automatically).

As well as checking the card is valid that means you can use the card, or the key tag, to share your contact details with someone. Say you meet at Darklands and want to give someone your number: you just pull out your keyring, and they point their phone camera at the QR code on the back of the tag. They tap the link that appears on screen and can see your details. One more tap downloads it to their phone’s address book.

I hope that by encouraging people to donate regularly we can ensure BLUF has a more stable cash flow and that we can keep it running as it is. I want the club to remain free, but for members who can afford it and feel that it’s worth supporting BLUF we nog have this option to make donations. We already have a number of vendors, including Clone Zone and Mister B, who have agree to provide extra discount for members who have a BLUF Black card. Those are listed on the ‘Why join page’ on our website, and there will be more to come.

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Written by Jeroen Van Lievenoogen

Jeroen is publisher of Alphatribe magazine

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