Berlin is alive, crazy and kicking!

From time to time you bump into something that makes you feel damn good. The freshly released project from Phil Hollister and Eckehard Heine is such a thing. They produced the gay version of ‘Jerusalema’, last years summer hit to support the re-opening of the Berlin gay scene after the long months of lockdown.

Phil and Eckehard, former colleagues and good friends, both work in media and communication. Phil is a video producer and Hein is a media consultant for LGBT magazines, websites, media partnerships and events. During the past lockdown both were saddened by the empty streets of the once so exuberant Shöneberg area. Knowing many of the entrepreneurs who run a business around Motzstrasse and Fuggerstrasse the two decided to roll up their sleeves and came up with this wonderful initiative.

“We had the idea to produce a video and developed it into a concept with the music of the Jerusalema Dance Challenge. We spoke to Warner Music, who were willing to support us and give us the licence for the use of the original music on a fair basis. The mayor of Tempelhof- Schöneberg Angelika Schöttler and Patrick Rein, who is responsible for special projects in the city-district, were excited by our idea and promised to fund us to cover the expenses. We wanted to prevent the already suffering businesses from having additional costs on top. ” says Eckehard.

“We agreed to release the video as soon as the businesses were allowed to reopen after the lockdown. That  date came a bit by surprise so we had to hurry with the production. We tried to include as many businesses as possible into the video. A total of 25 (!) participated in one way or another. Others were included with views of their logos or the fronts of their bars/shops.”

Have a look at the result of their hard altruistic work below. A warm sign that things will be changing soon and life is returning to the ‘Kiez’. An invitation to come back to Berlin.

Written by Jeroen Van Lievenoogen

Jeroen is publisher of Alphatribe magazine

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