Berlin Easter Fetish Week 2020

Every fetish player loves Berlin and there are many excuses to go there: Folsom Europe, Hustlaball, Fetish Finals, CSD Fair, Snax, or any Friday night in Laboratory to start! One of the very best (and certainly the one with the highest number of party nights) is on the horizon – Berlin Easter Fetish Week.

It’s been held at Easter for 40 years, making Berlin the only place to be for the holidays. Because of the religious nature of the holiday, Easter itself can fall in March or April. So check the dates well ahead if you can’t make it this year. Book early as Easter often coincides with school holidays. However, city accommodation should be good value.

The fantastic guys at BLF and the ECMC group are the most wonderfully organised and piggy bunch we know. They’ve been doing this for over 40 years and hardly any other fetish event can compete with that. It’s been running longer than both Folsom and IML.

Easter Berlin Leather Week is seven days and nights of debauchery. There are many official events, great sponsors, and of course all their local fetish bars, clubs, and retail outlets go into overdrive. It’s a huge event for the national and international fetish community and thousands of fetish visitors cram the many events.

Two of the highlights are the election of Mr Leather Berlin and the official, and infamous, Saturday mega-party – PIG. The full schedule is available online, so head to

There is a strict dress code for all official events this weekend! For skinheads that means: shorthair faded jeans, worker clothing, leather, rubber or latex, suspenders, Doc Martens or army boots (or similar), bomber jackets…

Right wing symbols are prohibited! Things like: S (for Skrewdriver), 88, 18 and 28 (Blood of Honour), or swastikas.

The punk: eye-catching shear spiky hairstyles, deliberately shabby clothing, colourful jeans or leather jackets, parkas, buttons, safety pins, dog collars, padlocks and chains, cartridge straps and gallows strings…

Just bend over and expect a no mercy fucking.

BLF Berlin Easter Fetish Week will run from 8 to 13 April 2020.


Written by Paul Stag

Paul is an international porn star and a long time editor for Alphatribe magazine.


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