BEARS, BIKERS & MAYHEM (BBM) is one of the biggest and most well-known gay fetish events in North America. It has wisely moved its dates to early August and is surely set to be the first major gay fetish event back after we have all suffered a year plus of hibernation. Even better than having an excuse to wear your kinkster finery, new harness and unwashed leather chaps out at a circuit event again is the news that as the event celebrates its 10 Anniversary the great new addition is ‘The biggest Play Space’ on the Eastern seaboard. If you are not excited yet you should be, so PAUL STAG spoke to the big man in charge of the sleazy bear cave itself with all the furry info at BBM, CHUCK KING about the return of our fetish scene, the expectations and anticipation, why bears need so much horny swinging from the chandeliers sex space and why the most famous shock jock of all Howard Stern is so damn interested in bear-on-bear action.
BBM runs from August 12 – 16 2021 at the Eisenhower Inn & Aspire Conference Center in Gettysburg, PA, USA.​​​​

So, it’s all systems go and fingers crossed for this year’s Bears, Bikers and Mayhem with a brand-new Summer date?
Yes Sir! Were all very excited to bring back BBM! It’s been a long hiatus, but planning is well underway and I’m working on finalizing everything now. The summer date is not a normal time for us, as our normal date is the beginning of May, but we had to move it to August to make sure that our guests had enough time to get vaccinated before attending the event. BBM 11 in 2022 will resume going back to the first weekend of May.

What was the idea and thinking for the event back in 2011?
So BBM was not my idea alone. BBM was conceived by myself and my friend Bill Hugo. Bill is a Bear, and I’m more of a Leather Man, so together we created the concept of bring these two worlds together to collide and see what would happen. The outcome was awesome. The Bears have come to learn new and kinky things, and the leather folk have come to love the hairy beasts even more than ever before. We all learn from each other.What special arrangements are you making for these unusual times and how tough were some of the decisions as the pandemic politics kept changing?By moving the event twice, we had to make sacrifices, go the extra mile to make a lot of exceptions to make refunds easy for people who couldn’t attend because of the date changes, and we had to change some of the entertainment, but overall, the event is actually going to be even stronger than before. We have a lot of time to adjust things that we wanted to change in the past, and enough time to allow our guests to get past the pandemic in a way that will allow them to be free at the event without having to wear masks or be concerned as long as they get the vaccine. Were strongly advising anyone coming to the event to get the vaccine, even if they had the virus in the past year. And were strongly advising anyone without protection to NOT COME.

18 months of pent-up lockdown blue ball bear and kinkster energy is about to be unleashed in Gettysburg PA are there any special plans to celebrate BBM’s 10th Anniversary?
Absolutely! The Bears are out of Hibernation and the Kinksters are drooling at the mouth to get to BBM. This is going to be one of the most anticipated BBM Celebrations in our history, and we know it. So, were going to provide the largest Play Space for those who identify as Men. 20,000 Sq Feet to be exact! We have purchased extra slings, and our Evil Genius who creates this special space has been designing away, to prepare for this incredible event! We’re bringing extra events, We added BBMU, which is a Kink University that will hold classes all weekend that will teach individuals different kinks and sexual fetishes, and we are expanding services for the attendees throughout the weekend to be able to accommodate more guests as we expect to fill 4 hotels this year, along with locals and people staying at various places not sanctioned by BBM.

Let’s cut to the chase – the biggest open play space on the Eastern seaboard instantly will get our readers attention and have them instantly dropping there Fleshjacks and Musclebearporn dildo’s – what can you tell us 5 months out?
Well, I have to give credit to Ric our Evil Genius and his team of creators. They spend months planning on this giant maze of darkness that includes slings, glory holes, dark corners, fuck benches, SM equipment, and lots of surprises for the kinky minded men who infiltrate the space all weekend. It’s a glorious space that gets used hard and gets a daily deep cleaning after each use. It’s a Pigs DREAM.

Over the decade you have raised over $250,000 for charities, non-profits and causes can you tell us who you have been supporting?
We have been supporting Family First Health’s main HIV/AIDS program in South Central PA for the last 10 years, as they are in the backyard of the event, but we also support deserving charities all over like: Alder Health’s HIV/AIDS Services and Prevention Program, Family First Health’s Caring Together Program, LGBT Community Center of Central PA, GLCCB (Gay & Lesbian Community Center of Baltimore), C.L.A.W. Nation, Chase Brexton, Leather Heart Foundation, Equality Florida (Pulse Nightclub Victims Fund), Brother Help Thyself, MADIF (ASL Interpretation), Project REAL, Asbury Park NJ, Hagerstown Hopes, MCEDSV, Camp LightBulb, Keystone State Gay Rodeo Association, Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, Project Lazarus (New Orleans), Belle Reve (New Orleans), Central Pennsylvania Pride Festival, Loaves of Love (Pennsylvania), Rainbow Railroad, National Queer & Trans Therapists of Color Network, National Center for Transgender Equality, The Attic Youth Center (Philadelphia), Valley Youth Services (If any AT readers can support any of these groups it would be greatly appreciated.)

We are hoping for Lindsey Graham and Prince Harry but which Two guys would you most like to see in a sling getting sleazy at The BBM 10th Anniversary Redux this year?
From across the Atlantic, I don’t’ know what your impression is of Miss Lindsay Graham is, but I can assure you, NO ONE HERE Wants to see her in a sling! Although, no doubt some already have.As for Prince Harry, He’s definitely welcome ANYTIME! WOOF

Your motto to make your events continually better is ‘What Would Disney Do?’ but we have seen the BBM photos and don’t remember Aladdin, Kristoff, Buzz Lightyear and Hercules being that much into prolapsed asses and swallowing semen so what has been your proudest moment of the First 10 years? 
Having Howard Stern send his roving reporter Wolfie to BBM to interview some of the guests. At first, we were terrified, but after hearing the interview, we were actually quite proud of our beautiful PIGS and we were rolling on the floor laughing till our bellies hurt. That was a proud moment!

What is the weirdest thing you or your team have found at the end of one of your events?
You know, we are all so exhausted at the end of the event, if anything was weird and left behind, we probably wouldn’t even notice to be honest. Used toys, Used Men, all of that is pretty normal.

Which other fetish event besides your own do you enjoy or is top of your Wishlist to visit?
Besides producing BBM, Bears Takeover Wilton, and being the GM of Eagle Wilton Manors (Shameless Plugs), I’m a major pig myself, into FF, Piss, Leather, NIP torture, Cigar Play, S/M, and a lot of other things I probably shouldn’t mention. I do want to visit Leather Pride Europe which I haven’t been to yet, as well as Dory Alley. Those are on the top of my list.

How can people find out more about the event online and get tickets?
Guests can go to for information on hotels, to buy tickets and more.


Written by Paul Stag

Paul is an international porn star and a long time editor for Alphatribe magazine.


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