Basement Studios gets a new look

The pride of Maspalomas, the most Southern gay holiday destination in Europe on the beautiful Spanish island of Gran Canaria, Basement Studios is getting a major sexy facelift. The town and resort is in the tropics just a short spit from the equator formally visited by pirates and a certain Christopher Columbus whilst he was on his way to discover Trumpland. It is one of the big 5 massive European gay sunshine holiday destinations alongside Sitges, Ibiza, Mykonos and Tel Aviv. Everyone knows the Basement Studios which is one of the World’s most famous clothing optional resorts and it is owned and operated by the same team behind the biggest gay fetish club complex in Spain: the award-winning Bunker bar with its added Kiki club pop dance bar little sister.

The Studios now in their 13th year as a gay complex have a wealth of secrets that would make any leather, rubberman or puppy blush as there has been more gay sex within those walls than in the entire history of porn and then some. All that unwanted (or even wanted) salty semen has had its effect on the building and paintwork so a refit was planned. The current ownership of the Studios & 2 bars took over in 2012. The trouble is that Maspalomas has the same issue that Palm Springs and Fort Lauderdale have in the States and that it is not a seasonal destination – basically it is open and fully occupied all year round – The only 52 week per year gay destination in Europe so what to do?

Originally a plan of action was made for a big hit in January 2021 which would have been sold out so the guests would have been moved to an alternate resort but at least it would not have clashed with any of the major gay events on the island such as Fetish Week, Summer Fiesta, Summer & Winter Pride, Bear Carnival etc. Then suddenly in February of this year straight after Italy had the opening salvo of Covid 19 cases in Tuscany, Spain was hit and although the bigger problems were in Tenerife, Madrid and Barcelona the whole nation and its many holiday islands went into severe lockdown. In Spain they don’t mess about as lockdown means lockdown and you were to stay indoors except to visit the nearest food shop, no exercising, travel, visiting or anything even dog walking you had to stay within 50 m of your residence. The Spanish cops who regularly get voted the sexiest on the planet, and judging by the ones we have seen that is well deserved, do not mess around as they are all heavily armed and would hand out fines for breaches faster than blow jobs & back alley fucks  (Well that is our fantasy anyway).

All bars, restaurants, entertainments and the legendary drag shows stopped on the spot and no visitors were allowed on the island. This was an unwelcome but somewhat fortuitous opportunity for Basement Studios to get upgraded asap. Of course builders and tradesmen were barred from travel and working so plans were made for the limbo period when work was back on but no overseas visitors yet as they would still be as banned as a condom near Rocco Steele’s 12″ shaft. The beginning of June the emphasis switched back onto the Spanish economy and everyone was encouraged to go back to work so the workforce moved in. Six of the hottest workers (pictured) on the island that all happen to be into man ass were employed and the massive all in one refit was on between the obligatory coffee and hole shagging breaks. 

Every bungalow was gutted, the swimming pool was drained and the gay destination we all love was turned into a building site. Plumbing and pipework were the major priority as according to the owner Phil Brocklehurst who helped with this article he had been spending about 2000 Euros/month on water when it should have been nearer just 500 Euros due to leaks etc and on that hot island water is the most precious commodity even more valuable than Pitbull or Patrick Marmion’s ass. It was an opportunity to do the electrics throughout and re-do all the walls and floors basically a Kelly Anne Conway entire facelift type job. The pool is brand new and what will most please our readers is that the cruising maze, dark room and porn viewing cabin will be largely the same as ever with exciting new tweaks but the Lazy Susan fuck bench has been re-oiled for some extra spin. Even more importantly the bar is largely as it was. 

Most interestingly according to Phil Brocklehurst is that he thought over recent years it had slipped away from being a fetish venue slightly and he now wants it to go back to having a total fetish image and feel – So no more Ale Tedesco, Aymeric and Maximus in mega tight designer Speedos and even more designer sunglasses and more fetish gear and stronger vibe of mansweat and manlust although nudity is always the number one as who wants tan lines Therefore all the bright colours of the paint work are out, no more bright blues and yellows making it look like a bit like a camp Atlantis Cruise spot and even the logo has changed back to the old sleazy one and the pictures we have seen makes us feel they have got it just right sort of The Hoist/Boots crossed with Berlin on a Saturday night mixed with Ralph Bruneau’s or Oier Kilkaraz’s bedroom.

So the most popular place for gay men to stay in Spain is back and it will have bang up to date comfort and all mod cons as even Solar panels are going in which can be connected up to your fuck or milking machines with guaranteed 24 hour free power and very high Wattage. At the time of writing in late June Spain has just lifted travel restrictions for overseas European tourists and so visitors are hopefully on the way back blinking into the sun from their quarantine looking for some Bum in the Sun, some cum in the sand and some cock on the rocks. All the staff were furloughed and will be back from the planned opening date of 1st August for Basement Studios. The bars, restaurants and entertainments are already open and we have not as yet heard of any specific causalities in the gay business sector there which is great news and our fingers remained firmly crossed on that one. There are still some rules in place which is wise but events are allowed outside up to 1000 people so all being well Summer is back on, Winter just got hotter and 2021 looks like 365 day gay carnival.

The Basement where most of its guests book a year in advance is as fit and keen to greet you like a 20 year old at his first ever leather bar in the Glory Hole room. Tourists are the lifeblood of the islands and a return to their second largest industry which is bananas has been diverted so they can remain as either deserts or sex aids.

During the lockdown the local authorities did create a stir amongst the gay fraternity when they announced that the huge dune area which is well known as Europe’s largest cruising zone is no more. Anyone wandering from the marked paths which is in effect all of us (Read looking for casual anon cock and plenty of it) will now be in trouble. What difference this will make we are yet to see as in fact cruising in Maspalomas like the World over has always been illegal and still it has gone on from time immemorable and always will. The infrequent visit of a couple of fit as fuck Spanish policemen sweating bullets in their uniforms will probably only make the cock’s of the visitors even harder and make their sap rise quicker and explode higher as they head too or return from Kiosk 7…the gay beach.

If you want to check out Basement Studios online go to or to find out all the latest post Covid information on Bunker Bar, the cruising clubs, Sparkles and Ricky’s and everything else down Maspalomas way there is plenty of info online.


Written by Paul Stag

Paul is an international porn star and a long time editor for Alphatribe magazine.


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