Part of a fictional horny tale from the number one site celebrating everything to do with testicles printed with kind permission of the author who is one of the leaders in BDSM/CBT erotic fiction.

As we join the story after an incident during a baseball game Logan finds himself alone in the locker room at the hands of the Captain ‘Jackson’ and four of his team mates from the opposing squad……
In the meantime, Jackson and his boys had tied Logan to one of the lockers. He was standing spread eagle, his arms tied above his head, his legs spread apart, his wet cock pointing at the ceiling, his cum-filled nuts hanging low and vulnerable in their smooth sac. He looked at his girlfriend. Fuck, why was he in this position? He should have made that bet.
Jackson was standing in front of him, grinning. “Oh, Logan, this is fucked up.” He shook his head and chuckled. “Okay boys, let’s get to work.”
The guys laughed.
Jackson started walking back and forth in front of Logan. “Okay. Who’s up for a little batting practice, huh?”
The guys laughed and cheered.
“Of course we don’t really need it, right?” Jackson turned to Logan. “We wiped the floor with your team. If there’s anyone who needs some practice it’s you and your buddies…” He grinned and ran his baseball bat up between Logan’s legs until it lifted the two big, juicy orbs inside his hairless scrotum.
Logan winced.
“But since we you have such an inviting set of training equipment at our disposal we might as well get some shots in, right?” Jackson took a step back and lined up his baseball bat. He took his time, concentrating on his target.
Logan grimaced in anticipation.
His buddies laughed and Sarah got her phone out of her handbag. “Sure, darling”, she said cheerfully.

With an elegant swing, Jackson hit his mark. The bat crashed into Logan’s ballsack with a sickening thud, hitting both of Logan’s precious jewels dead on and ramming them into his body, eliciting cheers and laughter from his buddies and an ear-piercing scream of agony from Logan.
“Home run!” Jackson shouted, causing his buddies to laugh even louder.
Logan was writhing in pain. “Perfect shot.” they cheered
“I’ll bet”, Jackson chuckled and lined up his baseball bat again. “Take another one just in case…”
This time, Jackson’s aim was slightly off. Logan’s balls were swinging from left to right as he was writhing in pain, and Jackson’s bat missed Logan’s left testicle. But it got the right one dead-on.
Jackson’s teammates cringed in sympathy as they watched the poor, fat gonad flatten like a pancake as Logan let out a blood-curdling scream that sounded like a strangled cat.

“That’s gotta hurt”, Scooter chuckled. “Come on, let me have a go.”
“Everyone is gonna take a turn”, Jackson grinned and stepped back. “We’re gonna drive his nuts into orbit!”
Scooter chuckled and stood in front of Logan. He ran his hand through his curly blond hair and grinned. “Open wide, buddy.”
He brought his bat crashing into Logan’s junk, busting his balls with an expert hit. Logan screamed in agony, his body convulsing as the pain washed through his body.
“Next!” Jackson shouted, and Paco took his turn.
The cute Latino lined up his bat and hit Logan’s nuts with all the force he could muster. It was another perfect hit. Logan’s nuts were crunched flat between the bat and his body, and he screamed from the top of his lungs.
“Well done”, Jackson laughed.
“Wow, look at that cock”, Paco grinned, nudging Logan’s hard dick with his bat. “It’s still hard as a rock!”
“Because we are treating him so well”, Scooter mused, eliciting another round of laughter from his teammates.
Paco withdrew his bat and took a closer look at it. He squinched up his face. “Eww. I got his cocksauce on my bat!”
His buddies laughed.
“Make him lick it up!” Jackson suggested.

“That’s gross!” Paco grimaced.
“Yeah! Make him clean it!” Scooter chimed up.
A disgusted expression on his face, Paco lifted his bat to Logan’s face.
Logan clenched his mouth shut and turned his head away.
“He won’t open his mouth!” Paco said, sounding disappointed.
“Here, let me help you”, Troy offered, stepping up to the plate. He brought his bat back and sent it crashing into Logan’s crotch, connecting perfectly with both of Logan’s spunk-filled plums and making Logan open his mouth in an agonized scream.
Paco took the opportunity and rubbed his bat on Logan’s lips, smearing them with his own precum.
The rest of the boys watched the scene, laughing their asses off.
“That’s teamwork, huh, Paco?” Troy grinned.
“Now it’s my turn”, Riley said, pushing Troy away.
Troy rolled his eyes and stepped to the side.
Riley used a different technique: Instead of hitting Logan’s nuts like a baseball, he brought his bat up between his legs, making Logan let out a completely new sound, a wretched, high-pitched wail that grew louder and louder until it culminated into a siren-like howl that would have made Anna Netrebko proud.
Riley grinned, a proud expression on his face. “That’s how you make a loser cry!”

The rest of the boys chuckled.
Riley threw his bat away and took a couple of steps back from Logan. “Watch this”, he said, grinning, as he took a running start and smashing his cleat-clad foot into Logan’s balls at full speed.
Logan’s eyes widened and he shrieked in agony as his poor, sore nuts were rammed into his body.
Jackson and his teammates laughed and cheered, and Riley high-fived his buddies.
Riley grinned. He pointed at Logan’s cock that was rock-hard and leaking precum like a broken water-tap. “I bet I can kick the cum right out of his plums!”
Jackson laughed. “What?!”
“No way”, Troy said, shaking his head.
Riley scoffed. “Five kicks and he’ll spurt like a fountain!”

“No way”, Troy repeated.
“Look at his cock”, Riley said, slapping the head of Logan’s dick hard and making Logan moan in pain. “He’s ripe. Five kicks and he’ll cum.”

Scooter watched Logan’s sloppy dick. It was glistening with seat and precum. Logan’s nuts were swollen and red.
“A hundred dollars”, Riley said.
“What?” Jackson grinned. “Have you won the lottery?”
Riley grinned. “If I can’t make him shoot his load with five kicks, I’ll pay you a hundred dollars.”
Riley stared at him.

Jackson grinned. “What about this: If you can make him cum we’ll pay you one hundred dollars each. That’s four hundred cash.”
Riley nodded.
“And if you can’t make him cum with your oh-so-perfect kicks we’ll get together next week and each of us gets a chance to bust your balls.” Jackson winked at Riley. “What do you say?”
The boys looked at the redhead.
Riley thought for a moment. He looked at Logan’s cock. That cock was ripe, he knew it. Five kicks maximum and the room would be flooded with teen jizz. Maybe just four. “Deal”, he said.
Troy shook his head. “No way.”
Scooter and Paco laughed.
“Go ahead”, Jackson said, smiling. “Show us.”
Riley stood in front of Logan who was panting heavily. His abs were contracting as the pain from his testicles radiated through his body.
“Okay”, Riley said slowly, taking a couple of steps back. With a running start, he kicked Logan’s precious baby-makers.
Ashley covered her eyes in her hands.
“One!” the guys shouted as Logan let out an agonized scream.
Logan’s cock twitched as his balls swung back and forth between his legs.
The second kick was as devastating as the first. Riley’s foot sailed between Logan’s thighs, ramming the poor stud’s tender globes into his body.
“Two!” the guys shouted.
“No way”, Troy mumbled.
Riley glanced at Logan’s face who was whimpering in pain. He turned his attention to Logan’s spunk-tanks again and drove his foot into the two vulnerable globes as hard as he could.
“Three!” his teammates shouted.
Logan was screaming from the top of his lungs, writhing against his restraints, his cock obscenely hard, and his balls obscenely swollen.
One more time Riley’s cleats hit their target. Logan’s nuts were smashed into his pelvis and he let out a gurgling moan. His cock was jerking and pulsing.
“Four!” the guys shouted.
Riley grinned. This was it. One more kick and that dick would fire its salty load all over the place. He’d have to get out of the way quickly or his clothes would be soaked in Logan’s sperm.
The redhead concentrated hard. He brought his leg back and sent his foot flying in between Logan’s thighs. It was a perfect hit. Both of Logan’s sore nuggets were crunched flat against his pelvis and his dick twitched violently.
Riley could feel the two tender testicles squish on the tip of his toes. He quickly ducked and sprang to the side to avoid getting covered in jizz.
“Five!” the guys shouted.
Logan screamed from the top of his lungs.
Riley looked at his friends, smirking, waiting for the sound of cum splattering onto the floor……..

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Written by Paul Stag

Paul is an international porn star and a long time editor for Alphatribe magazine.


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