IML 32 (2010) (22/56)

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Controversially, IML announced that it would no longer allow entities which promoted barebacking to participate in the IML Leather Market, effective immediately. Until then, many gay porn studios exhibited at the Market and brought in their hottest stars for the weekend. The Saturday night of IML always coincides with the star-studded GRABBY American Porn Awards at a Boystown theatre. 

Many studios including TreasureIslandMedia, Dark Alley, DickWadd, and Hot Desert Knights spent most of the IML weekend with the cameras running in endless bedrooms. And without a condom between them! Some title competitors we know of starred in bareback films shot halfway through the three-day contest. It gave the expression ‘bringing the sash into disrepute’ a whole new meaning. 

With the porn industry moving heavily into bareback, and over 98 percent of studios filming that way, the decree instantly changed the look and feel of the Market. To many it has become poorer for it. The Market is now mainly a clothing retail event. When PrEP became widely available two years later, IML looked very backward. 

IML was inducted into the Chicago Gay and Lesbian Hall of Fame.

Written by Thierry Stockmans

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