IML 20 (1998) (13/56)

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The first contestant from Mr Mid Atlantic Leather, Tony Mills, took the title. There were 62 contestants, then a record. 

It was announced that International Mister Bootblack Competition would be added as a new title. A separate competition, solely for women, would be held at International Ms Leather. The change was made due to the common belief that women bootblacks had a significant disadvantage. They were competing for votes from the mostly gay male IML attendees, many of whom based their bootblack selection at least partly on sexual attraction. Us gay men are so shallow, but we do like to have a gay leatherman sweating at our feet. Our sisters deserved better, and now they have it.

Written by Thierry Stockmans

IML 19 (1997) (12/56)

IML 21 (1999) (14/56)