IML 1 (1979) (1/56)

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The first ‘International’ fetish contest on planet earth with 12 contestants. Half of them represented US states. And despite the ‘international’ name of the contest, none were from overseas. The winner was Mr Leather Brig, David Kloss. 

IML grew out of the bar contest ‘Mr Gold Coast’ which was organised by Chuck Renslow and his then partner Don Orejudos. The first IML was held in the Grand Ballroom of the Chicago Radisson Hotel. The Black and Blue Ball, which also continues today, began the same year. It’s become the relaxing post-contest club event for contestants and everyone else on the Monday night. (See Alphatribe’s full article on the first contest by Jack Fritscher – available on

Written by Thierry Stockmans

International Leather Family Dinner 2020 Gala (1/20)

IML 2 (1980) (2/56)