History (8/20)

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Leather is the only fetish with a long and proud gay history. Alongside our drag queen sisters, leathermen have been at the forefront of our fight for visibility, equality, and the freedoms we enjoy today. You owe it to these trailblazing leathermen and it’s worth your time to check out what they did for the modern gay man’s freedoms. At Alphatribe, we strongly recommend you investigate our gay and fetish past. Check out our archives and find the forerunners online – and keep our history alive. We were not just given our fetish and fuck rights. Phenomenal men from the 1950s through to the 1990s had to fight, suffer, and in some cases die for them. It is your duty to check these guys out and keep their memories alive for future fetish pigs.

Written by Kenneth Mills

Kenneth is webmaster and graphic designer for Alphatribe

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