Every single movie (7/10)

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Ass shots, ass shots, and even more ass shots. His directors seem fixated by Tom’s ass – as are we. In every film there are lingering scenes on his ass. Our Top 3 scenes:

1. Best ass in a suit goes to Mission Impossible 4 where he is running away from the sandstorm in the tightest suit ever made. Cue lingering, below-the-waist shots.

2. His best nude ass shot is in American Made where he plays a real-life character who was renowned for flashing his butt a lot.

3. For the shear amount of ass crack on show, see Far and Away. That 18th Century underwear really struggles to stay above the asshole, as Niccole sees to her shock when peeping through a net curtain.

Written by Kenneth Mills

Kenneth is webmaster and graphic designer for Alphatribe

Top Gun (6/10)

Valkyrie (8/10)