The diversification of fetish (1/20)

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The perfect storm caused by many the trends listed above mean that the distinction between vanilla and fetish has blurred dramatically. Whatever fantasy you can think up, you will be able to find likeminded guys who are into it too. Hell, there are probably events and associations which cater to your tribe. At Alphatribe we’ve loved exploring lots of new areas with you. Whether it’s sneaker freaks, CMNM guys, furries, gunge, prostate milkers, cash masters, bondage perverts, horsewhip tops, skinheads, bears, or more bears – we’re happy they are part of the family. (Our sub editor might have been too welcoming recently when he started feeling the ass of a medic on duty at a big event thinking, incorrectly, he was a punter!) And of course, there are still plenty of leathermen, rubber guys, and army men too. Younger guys are now finding it easier to enter the fetish world and are creating tribes of their own. As we enter 2020, there are new freedoms to gay fetish. We can dress how we like, act how we want, be accepted, and get laid repeatedly by a guy from any tribe. Many of the old rules have gone and a bright new exciting decade of gay freedom is ahead. And Alphatribe will be with you every fist, ejaculation, and whip mark of the way.


Written by Paul Stag

Paul is an international porn star and a long time editor for Alphatribe magazine.


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