Matt Spike (47/89)

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I first met Daniel at Mr Leather Europe 2018 in Paris. I had been told by London Leathermen – who I was representing – that I needed to collect a parcel from him. When I got to Paris, after the first round of interviews I approached him nervously and introduced myself, and to my delight he told me he had been expecting me. He had with him a Tom of Finland tote bag, which I admired. He reached into it brought out a paper bag containing some ECMC badges that I was to take back to London. I asked him cheekily if I could take the tote bag too, and he gave me one of his expressions, as if to say “you cheeky person”! Afterward I was waiting outside the building where we had been doing the judging and he came up to me and presented me with the tote bag. He said “I know you like this bag so keep it”. I was really touched by his kindness. Later that evening at dinner we spent the entire time looking on his iPad at examples of his flogging work. He was a seductive man. It wasn’t long before I was agreeing to a public flogging at the next Darklands. For some reason that never happened but we kept in touch, and tried to meet up. Then we planned it for Darklands 2020. I never made it to that event, and sadly I couldn’t get to know him any further. He will always remain somebody who was so easy to connect with, funny, charming and witty. I will miss him. 

Written by Jeroen Van Lievenoogen

Jeroen is publisher of Alphatribe magazine

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