Daniel Rüster – Co-founder of Folsom Europe & Jürgen Rentzel – Co-founder of Folsom Europe and chief editor of BOX Magazine (32/89)

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We met Daniel almost two decades ago. 

It was easy to get in touch with him. He was one of the most sweet guys in our community. Always open to meet new folks and always interested to connect people he knew. He was an early supporter of Rheinfetish in Cologne and Folsom Europe in Berlin. Even if Folsom is no ECMC member club, he spreaded the news about that unique european streetfair whereever he went. 

He loved Folsom – and we loved his presence, his spirit and his passion for it. His bullwhip shows were always a highlight for the visitors. Daniel was a proud european leatherman – and a proud belgian as well. We were always excited like little boys when he came with his presents from Belgium – a box of the finest Leonidas pralinees for his friends.

We will deeply miss him and we will make sure that his legency will always be remembered and honored at future Folsom events and elsewhere.

Written by Jeroen Van Lievenoogen

Jeroen is publisher of Alphatribe magazine

Ian Allan – Patron ECMC (49/89)

Bart Verracas for MSC Belgium (23/89)