Paul Stag – Head Of Features at Alphatribe (AT) Magazine, Chairman Of The X-Awards:World Gay Fetish Awards & Head Of TreasureIsl (45/89)

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I cannot remember when Daniel was not around and making us all smile with his high jinks. We still have a couple of filmed interviews with him including his impressive bullwhip skills which when the time is right we will put up on the AT website (He would whip a cigarette out of someone’s hand from 10 metres away!).He wrote for the magazine several times and his knowledge was invaluable to the gay fetish World and he was also asked to be a presenter at the X Awards every year where he was a valued committee member and always took up Papa Smurf’s rightful position at the back of the stage to overseeing the whole show and keeping us and all  the chaos in line. When I asked him to present Man of The Year, he said that all the nominees were his friends and he would not like to disappoint anyone so I gave him another category the fact was that Daniel Dumont knew absolutely everyone in the scene. My favourite memory was at a dinner in Berlin for about 20 guys over a Folsom weekend where he, unbeknown to me, purchased everyone ear defenders for when I started to talk…basically as an ex-military officer I am naturally VERY LOUD and I also talk far too much. He thought it was the funniest thing when he – sat at the head of the table of course in his rightful place – gave the command of ‘earphones in’ just as I was about to give an opinion on something. I would have got him back for sure and plans were in development but now of course that will never happen which breaks my heart. A great man, a funny man, a man who genuinely cared about the development of the European gay fetish scene. As soon as some brave Russians held the first ever Leather Pride in that country in St Petersburg taking the Authorities on, Daniel was there providing International support and credibility. A true Leather Legend for our times that was equally well regarded across all our fetish tribes.

Written by Jeroen Van Lievenoogen

Jeroen is publisher of Alphatribe magazine

Ralph Bruneau IML (International Mister Leather) 2017 (39/89)

Roger Blantern – Past President 69 Club London 2009-2012 (46/89)