Ralph Bruneau IML (International Mister Leather) 2017 (39/89)

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© Joe Hogan

I met Daniel Dumont in Chicago, the night I became International Mr. Leather 2017. He took me under his wing and personally introduced me to the leather scene in Europe. He urged me to attend Folsom and Easter Berlin, Nice So Fetiche and Darklands. He not only invited, but, introduced me to some of the most wonderful men that I’ve ever met. He went from my European Leather Godfather to a trusted friend. I am grateful for everything we shared including the birthday dinner shortly before he passed. Thank you, my friend. Till we meet again. Xo RB

Written by Jeroen Van Lievenoogen

Jeroen is publisher of Alphatribe magazine

Henk Van Tilburg – Secretary of SLFC (43/89)

Paul Stag – Head Of Features at Alphatribe (AT) Magazine, Chairman Of The X-Awards:World Gay Fetish Awards & Head Of TreasureIsl (45/89)