Kevin Murphy – Mr Leather Ireland 2015 (42/89)

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I have many memories that illustrate what a great friend Daniel was , but one of my fondest has to be in Antwerp way back in 2015 during the Darklands Festival.

It was my first time at Darklands, and my first big international event as a titleholder. I was very much “deer in the headlights” as it was a new world to me. Daniel went out of his way to ensure I was ok, introducing me to everyone he knew, checking in to make sure I was enjoying the weekend, and providing lots of calming conversations and humour. Since then I’ve seen him do this with countless others who he knows are newcomers and new clubs to events, and it was refreshing to see his genuineness throughout it all.

However, the legacy of Daniel that will always carry with me is not his kind nature towards his friends, it’s his sense of humour. Daniel knew that part of loving and living life was being able to laugh at it, tackling it with a smile rather than a frown. If it’s one lesson reinforced by him it’s that we can be firm in our convictions, have disagreements, but still be kind to each other, make each other laugh, and smile. By making the world a better place for someone else we make it a better place for all of us.

Written by Jeroen Van Lievenoogen

Jeroen is publisher of Alphatribe magazine

Peter Fiske – Judges Team IML (41/89)

Henk Van Tilburg – Secretary of SLFC (43/89)