Jaak Evert – President of LMC Estonia (38/89)

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My first memories about Daniel are from 1999 in Copenhagen. It was my first ECMC AGM where I participated.  Daniel was the president of MSC Belgium and his speeches were soft and expressed the desire to find sensible compromises and workable solutions.

As Daniel was an open and supportive person, he was interested about our Estonian club and how we can manage. Next year he made suggestion to support our small club and he was interested in whether he could become a foreign member of the Estonian club. It was privilege to have such foreign member. Daniel was a member of our Club for almost 20 years.

It created very warm feelings when I saw pictures where Daniel was an IML judge in our club’s t-shirt in Chicago in 2005.

Closer relations with our club developed when he was elected to the secretary of ECMC.  It was his idea to create a fund for supporting East- European fetish clubs.  I am sure as our club another clubs from East- Europe who got financial support what is also important for small and starting clubs. Polish, Czech, Russian and Estonian clubs owe much to Daniel for the attention and support he gave to these clubs in their activities at ECMC and also in organizing and promoting their own events.

Daniel contributed to the success of Mr Leather contests in Poland (Poznan)and Russia (St Petersburg), and by his presence he gave them more weight.

Last contribution to our Estonian club activities was Daniel’s donation for our club contribution for Tom of Finland 100thanniversary memorial plaque in Helsinki.  This donation Daniel made on 23th February 2020, just one month before his sudden death.

Therefore, LMC Estonia & I support the suggestion of Aleksei Grachev from St Petersburg Leather Club to give ECMC East- Europe Support Fund the name of Daniel Dumont. 

In this way we can remember Daniel’s work and commitment to the fetish community in Eastern Europe.

Written by Jeroen Van Lievenoogen

Jeroen is publisher of Alphatribe magazine

Nelson Sousa Da Cunha Pochet – Mister B (37/89)

Philip Green – Business Officer, Manchester Leather Men (40/89)