Nelson Sousa Da Cunha Pochet – Mister B (37/89)

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My first memory of Daniel Dumont; was 2012 and I had been invited in Hamburg to be in the jury for Mister Leather Europe for the very first time. I was quite new on the fetish club scene so I had no idea what to expect. I barely knew anyone but was excited to make new acquaintances, maybe even friends.

The Saturday of the show I was appointed a seat at the jury table. The idea was that you had dinner while the contestants from all over Europe would do a show. I was quite nervous, a bit shy, and to me humour is a way to hide my nervousness. I know that some leathermen take these contests more serious than others but me being a newbie I didn’t want to rub anyone the wrong way. I was all smiles trying to be the best leather social butterfly that I could be.

In front of me was a score card with a list of countries. Suddenly this big impressive fully leathered man, with awesome leather wristbands comes sit next to me just before the show starts.

I was impressed by him and didn’t know how to break the ice…. so nervously looking at my scorecard and then suddenly I look up to him and go: THIS IS JUST LIKE EUROVISION!

And before he could answer the presenter calls to the stage: the chairman of the ECMC, Daniel Dumont! And everybody starts clapping, he gets up and walks to the stage…

For the next 10 minutes he was there talking, all I could think of was: Nelson you fool! You blew it! You made the most stupid joke to the most important person in the room! He will NOT be amused with that joke, he will think you don’t take any of this serious, doom scenarios were popping up in my head and I was sweating in my leather.

Daniel walks off that stage, sits down next to me and says: now let’s fill in these Eurovision scorecards! The ice was broken, he told me about his cat, about his life, we laughed and his sense of humour wasn’t far from mine…. we got along well, we spent an awesome time during a later trip to Poland, we saw each other at many events….

I was never again afraid to make jokes about leathermen, because like he always said, we shouldn’t take ourselves too seriously, life is to have fun.

Rest in Peace Daniel, you will be missed.

Written by Jeroen Van Lievenoogen

Jeroen is publisher of Alphatribe magazine

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