Leather & Fetish Milano Board Members Ivan Vareschi, President; Rory Silvistrini, Vice President; and Bob Lee Huffman, Secretary (34/89)

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While some of us at LFM have known Daniel for 20 years, he was a very private person and did not often share personal details about himself. However, he had a great sense of duty and love for our global Community as a Leatherman and ECMC Secretary. His past support for Leather & Fetish Milano was appreciated through his attendance at many of our events including the recent Italian Fetishman contest in late January when Daniel was a tally master and also did a whipping demonstration at Bob’s singletail whipping workshop.

We will always remember his kindness and generosity, his smile, hearty laugh, his penchant for cracking his whips with great gusto and his love for Italian food! 

Le nostre più sentite condoglianze. 

Written by Jeroen Van Lievenoogen

Jeroen is publisher of Alphatribe magazine

Michael Byrne – Mr Dublin Leather 2001 (33/89)

Joe King – Mr Leather Europe 2016/2017 (35/89)