Michael Byrne – Mr Dublin Leather 2001 (33/89)

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© John O’Brien

I first met Daniel shortly after we set up LUBE Ireland (Leather Uniform Bear Encounter) and again during our application to join ECMC.

Initially – as a novice to the Leather community- I found Daniel a bit scary and intimidating with the whip and flogger hanging from his belt. But that immediately melted away as his smile, laughter and that memorising glint in his eye, took up immediate residence in my heart.

Shortly after that first meeting, we had the pleasure of hosting him in our home for one of our LUBE events in Dublin. It was a sheer delight to have him stay with us. He was so easy to be around, warm funny and engaging.

After LUBE went into decline, it was many years before I met Daniel again. But he had the ability to make you feel like it had just been a few days since you last met. Hearing of Daniel’s passing felt like a freight train hitting me. It feels like a lifelong friend or close family member had left me. The sadness was intense and stopped me in my tracks.

He will forever live on in my heart; he invaded it so many years earlier. I will always remember his big smile and laughter and of course I will never be able to eat a plate of ribs again without seeing his larger than life presence hovering around the table.

With love and in Leather Brotherhood

Written by Jeroen Van Lievenoogen

Jeroen is publisher of Alphatribe magazine

Patrick Grady – Chairman Mid Atlantic Leather Weekend, Centaur MC (31/89)

Leather & Fetish Milano Board Members Ivan Vareschi, President; Rory Silvistrini, Vice President; and Bob Lee Huffman, Secretary (34/89)