Stevio Blackhart – Mr Leather Europe 2020 (28/89)

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I met Daniel around one year ago. But I knew him way before because his fame preceded him. Our first meeting was quick, in Darklands, and I felt honoured to be introduced to him. At the time I had no idea how sweet and friendly he was. I get to know him a little bit better when he came to Milan. He had a whip workshop with Bob Lee and he was teaching us all we need to know about whips.

It felt like a father teaching his child how to make a tie knot. Such a warm and fascinating experience. That was the time I saw for the first time his amazing cigarette trick. I was amazed by his skills. He was a true whip master.

In the next months, I was training hard with the help of Bob to learn how to use my whip and when I met Daniel again, I felt like a child wanting to show his father how good I had become. “Daniel! Look! I learn!” I told him while cracking my whip. He smiled at me and then cracked his whip 10 times louder than I did, making my ear whistle.

“Ok! Ok! I got it! The way is long and I will do better!”

And we laughed Together…

Written by Jeroen Van Lievenoogen

Jeroen is publisher of Alphatribe magazine

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