Suzanne Van de Laar – Ms Leather Netherlands 2019 (24/89)

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I have several memories of Daniel and each of them are very special to me in their own way.

In Paris during the Mr Leather Europe Competition in 2018 he asked me to whip him with his famous bullwhip, I told him no, but he insisted that he trusted me… but I replied that I did not ‘know’ his whip. It amused us both.

When his Mum passed away, we spoke every day for 3 weeks about his loss and I think I was a comfort to him. I really enjoyed our chats.After the result of Bootblack Europe 2019 he asked me if I was angry with him and I replied no; but I was a little disappointed. Later that year we laughed about it.My fondest memory is from Antwerp this year the last time many of us saw him, hetold me he was proud of me and the work I had done as Ms Leather Netherlands.

Written by Jeroen Van Lievenoogen

Jeroen is publisher of Alphatribe magazine

Brian Licken – Treasurer LUBE Dublin (22/89)

Per Helge Nylund – Mr Leather Norway 2019 (25/89)