John O’Brien – Dublin, Ireland (18/89)

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I like to think I am a patient man, but having said that there are not many people I would wait 6 hours at an airport for. Daniel Dumont was one of the very few I would do that for. He was on the way to Dublin to attend a Geared Ireland event and his plane was diverted to Manchester due to strong winds. The information desk kept saying it would be another 30 minutes, which eventually dragged on for 6 hours! Messaging Daniel, checking in on him, he was good humoured and really looking forward to being back in Ireland and to lending his support to our fledgling fetish club. It was only when he said that they had run out of coffee that we realised they never let the passengers off the plane! Thankfully he arrived and almost kissed the ground when he got here. He was delighted to attend the event and helped as an unofficial tally master and gave his advice and the benefit of his experience to us. I have many, many other memories of Daniel but that weekend was special and I remember the warm embrace he gave us when he did get to the airport. I will miss that big bear hug from the bear in boots and his laugh and his bad jokes and his irreverence and his love.

Rest well Papa Smurf – Huge Hugs and much love xxx

Written by Jeroen Van Lievenoogen

Jeroen is publisher of Alphatribe magazine

Jacques Guet – Patron of ECMC (17/89)

Brian Goeken, Washington DC (19/89)