Uwe Langer alias Uwe Bear – Former President MSC Hamburg (14/89)

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  © John O’Brien

I met Daniel first at the ECMC AGM 1996 in Brussels, and then at very many ECMC AGMs around Europe, at several Leather parties in Hamburg and many other events. 

It was my first AGM in 1996 and Daniel made me feel instantly welcome. He was a bit nervous to host such a big event back then.

He was always professional, but sometimes his body language wasn’t always controlled when he disliked or disagreed with something. I always thought it funny and laughed with him. Occasionally he would ask others for help or advice, but he was very much his own man. He did always try to make sure that none of the many clubs involved in the ECMC were upset.

Together we got involved in helping the Russian Leather Bears of St Petersburg become members of the ECMC. Daniel loved to support Eastern European Countries where there had been no leather clubs before.

He was always extremely disappointed when a club left the ECMC. Maybe these clubs could reconsider their decision now.

He was also a personal friend & when my hubby, John passed away last December he not only sent a card but rang & we spoke and cried on the phone for an hour. He will be greatly missed.

Written by Jeroen Van Lievenoogen

Jeroen is publisher of Alphatribe magazine

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