Arthur Peremans – President Motor Sportclub Amsterdam (MSA) (11/89)

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I knew Daniel from a distance prior to his election as ECMC Secretary during the ECMC AGM in 2009. At that AGM the MSA volunteered to perform the accounts checking for the ECMC book year. I did not realise the accounts checker role would show me the real Daniel Dumont. 

I expected in my accounts checker role to look at totals and taking a sample of the income and expenses after the closing of the ECMC book year. I was wrong that it would only be some work because Daniel had high standards for quality and integrity, so he insisted that I check each and every individual income and expense item. As the internet was still a bit in its infancy in 2010, I made a trip to Brussels to check the ECMC accounts in person. The checking took place on ‘neutral’ grounds at the home of the president of MSC Belgium. After a warm welcome I was friendly but sternly put to work. Daniel provided me with all the evidence and I started checking all accounting items. Of course, I tried very hard to find errors but there were none. 

After the accounts check Daniel relaxed and showed his softer side, his great love for cats and even greater love for jokes. 

After that first account checking exercise I concluded that the MSA could safely volunteer to perform the accounts checking in the following years as the ECMC accounts were in capable hands with Daniel. 

I am grateful to have experienced the many facets of Daniel’s personality, his serious side as well as his relaxed side. 

Thank you, Daniel, for your unrelenting support for our community and for your bad jokes. We miss you and we will build on where you left off. 

Written by Jeroen Van Lievenoogen

Jeroen is publisher of Alphatribe magazine

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